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SJÄLVSTÄNDIG limited edition collection is all about doing it your way – being independent in your own space and furnishing without trends or conventions in mind. Inspired by DIY and hacking movements, the products have been designed with the intention of you making them your own.
“We really dug into the topic of creativity and started looking at what it means to be rebellious and independent with products and home furnishing" IKEA Creative Leader, Maria O’Brian says. “SJÄLVSTÄNDIG is a way of expressing your identity in a home context.” Sales starting this October, get ready to be creative with modular carpets, differently shaped pillows and buildable furniture legs, and more.

Available at IKEA Aubonne, IKEA Dietlikon and IKEA Lyssach

To the collection SJÄLVSTÄNDIG
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“They have this building-block quality, where they work really well on their own, but they can also in a simple way become something really abstract and crazy.”
Maria O’Brian
IKEA Creative Leader
Young female laying on blue, yellow and purple modular SJÄLVSTÄNDIG carpets.Modular SJÄLVSTÄNDIG carpets in green, purple and blue.
Carpet diem, every day
Opening up new ways in which you can personalise your home, the SJÄLVSTÄNDIG carpets are cut in geometric shapes, combining both colours and patterns. Thanks to the hook and loop fasteners you can be free to mix and match, create unusual shapes or simply go for something more traditional – it’s whatever you want.
SJÄLVSTÄNDIG ceramic vases decorated with dried flowers and yarn accessories.
Not like any other vase
Imperfection can be an excellent way of communicating diversity. Thus, each SJÄLVSTÄNDIG vase has been squeezed by a craftsperson on the factory floor. “I am so happy we managed to make a product that gives a voice to the co-workers. These are the ones creating with us, and now they’ve made their mark on the products as well,” IKEA Designer Hanna-Kaarina says. Find a unique handprint and Chinese character on each ceramic vase.
Several SJÄLVSTÄNDIG pillows piled up into old vintage sofa.Two SJÄLVSTÄNDIG black metal chairs decorated with flowers.
Young male dancing in front of SJÄLVSTÄNDIG tape installation.
Young female with red, wavy hair, holding SJÄLVSTÄNDIG trays.