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LUSTIGT - Available now

Lose yourself in play
Can you remember those magical moments when you were a child, when it felt like time and space just passed by without notice? LUSTIGT is all about play for the sake of playing, children and adults alike. It’s a collection with something for all; colouring sheets, a puzzle, a skipping rope, a weaving loom, boules with soft balls and much more. Let’s get absorbed in fun and games.

To the collection LUSTIGT
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“In a time when both children and adults live a rather stressful existence, play involves undemanding moments when nobody needs to prove anything.”
Amanda Lundqvist, Children’s IKEA.
Just jumping up and down can provide hours of fun—especially with the IKEA LUSTIGT skipping rope. The LED lamps lights up while in motion, making it possible to skip in the dark (even more fun). altGo lose yourself in fun play with IKEA LUSTIGT 7-piece weaving loom set, and see where the creativity takes you. Safe, easy and fun for younger children, these IKEA LUSTIGT darts stick to the target with Velcro.
Roll this 10-metre-long IKEA LUSTIGT paper roll out on the table or on the floor and start colouring, while exploring its world.Doing this colourful 40x65 cmpuzzle of the IKEA LUSTIGT world helpsdevelop your children’s logicalthinking and fine motor skills whilethey learn more about shapes andsizes.

Both body and brain

LUSTIGT ranges from quiet and mindfocusinggames that develop children’s logical thinking and fine motor skills, to more high-energy activities that get bodiesof all ages moving. The toys invite you to a playful journey which sparks creativity and imagination. You see, the games in LUSTIGT collectionhave no start and no end—you just keep on playing and see where the fun takes you.
Who doesn’t love to paint andmake their mark? With IKEA LUSTIGT 4-piece paint roller set, the effect is even more mesmerising. Get your hands and brain activeand discover endless combinationswith these IKEA LUSTIGT wooden lacing beads.alt
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