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INNEHÅLLSRIK - Available now
Celebrating the handmade
Coming soon: INNEHÅLLSRIK, the 7th limited edition collection co-created with skilled artisans in India. INNEHÅLLSRIK is part of the IKEA Social Entrepreneurs initiative, which creates jobs for talented women in parts of the world where they’re needed most.
Made by skilled women artisans in India, the handmade INNEHÅLLSRIK collection includes baskets, blankets and cushion covers.The INNEHÅLLSRIK collection is made using natural materials and tradtional handicrafts like basket weaving.
Made from natural materials using traditional handicrafts, the INNEHÅLLSRIK collection features banana fibre baskets, handwoven and hand embroidered blankets, towels and cushion covers.

To the collection INNEHÅLLSRIK
”I like to think of a craftsperson as someone who makes things with her hands, her head and her heart, and I think you see that in what they create.”
Dr. Dipti Ph.D.
Program Manager, Rangsutra
The INNEHÅLLSRIK collection includes handwoven and hand embroidered textiles in rich shades of blue.The IKEA INNEHÅLLSRIK collection is handmade by skilled women artisans in India like Neelam Gupta, Sunita Prajapati and Manju Prajapati from the social enterprise Rangsutra.The IKEA INNEHÅLLSRIK collection icludes toiletries bags in dark blue and white.The handwoven baskets from the IKEA INNEHÅLLSRIK collection are perfect for storing things like dirty laundry.
Neelam Gupta, Sunita Prajapati and Manju Prajapati, three of the artisans from the social enterprise Rangsutra, working on the INNEHÅLLSRIK collection.
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Join Rekha as she teaches us the basics of patchwork while making a blanket for her son.
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Join Mani as she teaches us the basics of basket weaving while making a basket for her puppy.