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FÖRNYAD - Available now

Darcel on the FÖRNYAD collection
Let’s celebrate student and work life with the soon-to-come playful FÖRNYAD collection. It’s the result of IKEA teaming up with Sarah Andelman, Creative Director of colette (a Parisian concept store), and designer Craig Redman known for his egg-shaped character Darcel Disappoints.
“The FÖRNYAD collection is straight-up fun. Using colour and simple forms the collection taps into both colette and my world and mashes the two together in a joyful way. Whether it’s as simple as the shape of my eye becoming a stool or a lamp, my head as a floor mat, or the colourful print on the classic IKEA carrier bag, the collection is a celebration of fun and design coming together in a thoughtful and humorous way.”
– Darcel, Designer
A playful living room with pink walls showing the animated Darcel Disappoints relaxing in FÖRNYAD sofa.
Why so glum?
Illustration of Darcel Disappoints struggling with a creative idea for FÖRNYAD collection, on a messy desk.Illustration of the fun FÖRNYAD cover for KLIPPAN sofa, the stool and the work lamp, with Darcel Disappoint lounging. Illustration of Darcel Disappoint hugging the FÖRNYAD soft toy, shown next to the stool and the work lamp.
Darcel on creativity: Embrace the struggle.
Darcel on lounging at home: Good company is everything. That being me.
Darcel on wellbeing: Love yourself.