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The new DELAKTIG aluminium bed frame, designed in collaboration with Tom Dixon.DELAKTIG close-upThe new DELAKTIG covers are more durable and resiliant, here in pink with black side table and LED lamp attached to a one-seater.
DELAKTIG - Available now
Get ready for DELAKTIG, the open-source platform designed by IKEA and industrial design connoisseur, Tom Dixon. Now you’re invited to the table: add a lamp, swap the backrest around, add an armrest, or change its cover completely. Because, with DELAKTIG, you get to do your thing.
It’s time for bed
With your choice of mattress, headboard and where to place the perfect lighting for a good night’s read, the sleek and modern DELAKTIG bed frame allows you to determine your sleeping style.
We’ve got you covered
More durable and resistant against abrasion and colour-fading, the DELAKTIG series introduces three new covers. Pick between a muted pink, soft beige or cool grey.

To the collection DELAKTIG
One platform, endless opportunities. With DELAKTIG platform, launched by IKEA and designer Tom Dixon, you get a customised solution for each occasion. Complementing accessories can be combined in multiple ways to suit different activities and looks.Get ready for DELAKTIG, a new open take on seating! Launched by IKEA and industrial design connoisseur Tom Dixon, you can personalise or change it any way you like. Add a table and a new pillow cover. Swap the armrests around. Dress it in a new cover.Add a little light with the DELAKTIG LED lamp! Attach it to the DELAKTIG frame, or let it stand alone as a traditional floor lamp. With its more than flexible head you can turn it whichever way you please—from ideal reading light, to relaxed evening glow.Say hello to the new DELAKTIG sofa series! Add accessories like the IKEA side table for frame to hold books or coffee. This open source platform is perfect for small space living, and any person or company can add to it or completely change it.Let your style shine! The DELAKTIG sofa series can be personalised to your look or activity. Attach the black LED floor lamp to the DELAKTIG frame, or stand alone as a traditional floor lamp. With a flexible head, it’s perfect for late-night reading.
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Turning upholstery design upside down
IKEA and Tom wanted to know what new ways of living meant for upholstered furniture. Produced in an industrial manner, DELAKTIG challenges the conventional production of sofas today. The extruded aluminium frame allows for flexibility and adaptability, while giving the platform a raw, minimal aesthetic. Available in three sizes, you can choose to customise your platform based on your mood and needs.
DELAKTIG, the Swedish word for ”involvement”, is largely about collaboration. Tom and IKEA really wanted to open up for co-creation in every sense. Hit play above fora sneak peek of their process.

”The more people that get involved in DELAKTIG – the better. I think that’s how a modern business should work.”
– Tom Dixon
Do you want an IKEA product that is tailored to your style? The DELAKTIG 3-seat platform sofa series can be personalised to suit you. Add the side table and LED floor lamp. With its flexible head, you can turn it whichever way you please!