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Customer service
We want you to be able to find your preferred products for your home as quickly as possible, and also make it easy for you to buy them, regardless of where you are or how you would like to make your purchases.

At, you can browse through products and buy them at any time.
When you visit an IKEA store, you can touch and feel our ideas and inspirations – and then take them home with you. We also want to ensure that you receive fast assistance when you have questions or concerns.

So, feel free to visit our customer service web pages, send us an e-mail or give us a call. We’ll be happy to help!
Frequently asked questions 

Every question that we can immediately answer makes you a more satisfied customer. For this reason we have put together the following list of frequently asked questions and the answers to them.

How can I check to see if an item is available?
1. Click on the product you’re interested in
2. Choose an IKEA store
3. Click 'OK'. If you need more details (stock location and number of available units), click on 'View availability forecast'.
Please keep in mind that inventory data can change throughout the day. You can also use your digital shopping list to check the availability of your favourite products any time. To add a product to the list, simply click on it and then click on 'Add to shopping list'. You can call up your shopping list any time in the top right section of each page. Simply click on 'My shopping list'. If you want to save your shopping list, you need to create an account with a profile.

Stock check
How can I exchange or return an item?
You’ll find all the information on our return policy here.
How can I find the nearest IKEA store and check opening hours?
Click here on the overview to find an IKEA store close to you and obtain information on opening hours.
How can I get missing fittings or screws?
We have most spare parts and screws in stock at IKEA stores. In order to be able to assist you more quickly, we ask that you bring the six-digit spare-part number and your receipt/delivery slip with you. You’ll find the spare part number in the assembly instructions for your product. You can also order spare parts by email or over the phone.
You’ll find more questions and answers here.
Telephone 0848 801 100
(max. CHF 0.08/minute 
– fixed line) 

Monday – Friday: 8.30 a.m. – 7.30 p.m. 

Saturday: 8.30 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.
Send your inquiry electronically via our contact form.

IKEA customer service co-workers
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