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About shopping

How to shop at IKEA

Good to know
- Take your time to look at everything closely and become inspired at an IKEA store. Or just head straight to the store section you’re looking for.

- Children like to explore our showrooms for children’s furniture, and they simply love to visit our supervised Småland play area and make new friends.

- Our IKEA Restaurant and Bistro has delicious dishes on offer that will fill you up but won’t break the bank.

- Your IKEA FAMILY card helps you save even more money on all products. Why not join the IKEA FAMILY (it’s free) and enjoy a whole range of benefits?

- You’ll always find parking right in front of your IKEA store, which means you can head home with your purchases immediately.
A great place for the whole family to visit
We love having you and your family with us, and we want to make sure that all of you have a great time when you visit IKEA.
In order to ensure a comfortable shopping experience for you and your family, we offer you the following:

- Family-friendly furniture displays for you and your family to explore together, with a wide range of solutions that make life at home even more pleasant.
- Play areas throughout the entire IKEA store: Our supervised Småland play area for children aged three to eight is located right at the entrance. We also have other play areas in the showrooms and in the IKEA Restaurant, but these are not supervised.
- Shopping trolleys for children
- Nappy-changing rooms and WCs
- Baby food, microwaves, children's cutlery and baby bibs, children's highchairs and great meals for the whole family can all be found in our IKEA Restaurant .

Your family’s well-being is the most important thing for you – and for us too!
Try out our furniture
Make yourself at home at IKEA and try out our furniture there in the showrooms. Make yourself comfortable on the sofas, lie down on the beds, try out the bed sofas, turn lights on and off and open the cupboards. You can try out everything – no need to ask, but we’re always around if you need help.

Once you’ve found something you like, you can check the price tag for detailed information and other things worth knowing about the product. Among other things, the price tag contains details on the aisle and shelf numbers where the product can be found in the market hall or self-serve area. Sometimes the price tag contains a note instructing you to contact a co-worker who can place an order for you in the goods collection area.
Have a question?
Then ask one of our co-workers for help. You’ll find an information stand in every department.
Delicious and reasonably priced: tasty dishes and snacks from Sweden
If shopping makes you hungry, just pay a visit to the IKEA Restaurant, where you can enjoy Swedish specialities while your children play – and also plan the rest of your shopping trip in a completely relaxed atmosphere. Feel free to take a break and discover culinary delights from Sweden!

The IKEA Swedish Food Market located in front of the checkout area offers traditional Swedish specialities that you can take home with you. You can also pick up a small snack in the IKEA Bistro for the trip home.

Further information on our Restaurant is available here
You can do everything yourself – but you don’t have to.
The least expensive way to make your purchases at IKEA is to go to the store, buy the products you want and then take them home and assemble them yourself. In this way you can enjoy your new IKEA products immediately.

You can pick up your products in the self-serve area – all you need are the aisle and shelf numbers where they can be found. If the product you want is located in the goods collection area, let one of our co-workers know so that an order can be placed for you. You can then pick up the product in the goods collection area after you pay.

Naturally, you decide whether or not you want to do everything yourself, or just some things. You can find out about all the services available to you here, if you like.
Easy payment
Make sure the barcode is facing forwards on all large or heavy items on your shopping trolley – it will speed up the checkout process for everyone.

At IKEA Switzerland, you can pay either with cash (CHF or EUR) or with a Maestro debit card, a PostFinance Card,
an IKEA Moneycard, IKEA BUSINESS Card or IKEA Gift Card.
We also accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express.
... And you’re on your way home
Most IKEA products are packed flat, which makes them easy to transport. Remember to check the label on the packaging to make sure you have the right product. You can take all of your products home with you immediately or else you can take advantage of our convenient transport options if you like.