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Three IKEA co-workers, one female and two male, wearing yellow shirts and dark blue trousers.
How can we help you with IKEA Smart lighting?
Here you'll find all you need to know about the easy-to-use smart lighting range.
Two hands holding a dimming kit consisting of a round remote control and a LED bulb.
Getting started
Add bulbs, light panels, doors, and get started with the TRÅDFRI App.
Get started with Smart lighting
How to use
Turn on/off, dim, adjust the colour temperature and more - from anywhere in your home.
Learn how to use Smart lighting
A hand holding a LED bulb.A hand holding a round remote control and in the background hangs two LED bulbs and a LED light panel.
Whenever you have a problem with your smart lighting, here you’ll find out how to fix common issues.
Get help with Smart lighting
Featured topics
The most common topics around IKEA Smart lighting.
A smart phone and a round gateway.
TRÅDFRI App & Gateway
Two hanging LED bulbs, one lit and one switched off. Close-up of a motion sensor. Display of four white lamps, a work lamp, a floor lamp, a big pendant lamp and a small pendant lamp.