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Welcome to the IKEA Restaurant

Delicious and reasonably priced: tasty dishes and snacks from Sweden
If shopping makes you hungry, just pay a visit to the IKEA Restaurant, where you can enjoy Swedish specialities while your children play – and also plan the rest of your shopping trip in a completely relaxed atmosphere. Feel free to take a break and discover culinary delights from Sweden!
From 10.12. to 22.12.2018
Beef roulade
with red cabbage and mashed potato
IKEA FAMILY price CHF 9.95
Normal price CHF 12.95
This offer is valid in any IKEA restaurant in Switzerland when you show your IKEA FAMILY card/number. Subject to availability.
Breakfast at IKEA Restaurant
New: IKEA Breakfast
1 croissant, 1 roll, 1 butter, 1 bio jam, 1 bio cheese, 1 coffee.
IKEA FAMILY price CHF 2.95 /
normal price CHF 3.95

Free beverage refills
New: IKEA Breakfast
1 croissant, 1 roll, 1 butter, 1 bio jam, 1 bio cheese, 1 coffee (free refill), 1 freshly squeezed orange juice.
IKEA FAMILY price CHF 4.95 /
normal price CHF 6.90
New: Bircher muesli
With wild berries
CHF 2.00
Choco drink 2,5 dl
CHF 1.95
Michel orange juice 33 cl
CHF 2.95
Cold dishes at IKEA Restaurant
Gravad Salmon
Marinated salmon with salad and dill sauce.
CHF 7.95
Shrimp Canapé
CHF 5.95
Salad rampon with egg
Salad rampon with egg
CHF 4.95
Small green salad
CHF 1.50
Hot dishes at IKEA Restaurant
10 meatballs with potatoes, cream sauce and cranberries. Chicken balls are also available.
CHF 6.95
Entrecôte «Café de Paris»
With French fries and cole-slaw salad.
CHF 14.95
Salmon fillet with fennel & cabbage and mashpotatoes
New: Salmon fillet
with fennel & cabbage and mashpotatoes
IKEA FAMILY price CHF 9.95 /
normal price CHF 12.95
Fillet of Egli
With French fries.
CHF 12.95
Vegan vegetable balls
Served with bulgur wheat in a tomato and spinach ragù and broccoli.
CHF 5.95
Risotto with mushrooms
New: Risotto with mushrooms
CHF 9.95
Children’s dishes at IKEA Restaurant
Children's menu: 5 meatballs
With potatoes and seasonal vegetables,
1 drink and a surprise.
Also available with chicken-and vegetable balls.
CHF 4.95
Free beverage refills!
Desserts at IKEA Restaurant
Almond cake with Daim + 1 coffee.
CHF 3.95

Free beverage refills
ÄPPELKAKA Swedish apple pie
with vanilla sauce.
CHF 2.95
Raspberry-Blue Quark Cake
CHF 2.95
Quark Mousse with cranberry
CHF 2.50
Chocolate cake
CHF 1.95
Poppy seed cake
New: Poppy seed cake
CHF 3.50
Banana-currant slices with nuts
CHF 2.50
Cinnamon Snail with Coffee 2dl.
CHF 1.50
Free beverage refills