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METOD kitchen information

Need a front for your existing METOD kitchen?

At IKEA we continuously develop our product range to meet our customers’ needs and provide the best offer on the market. Therefore METOD has been designed with a modular approach allowing for individual solutions with better use of space and increased functionality for all the activities taking place in a kitchen and for kitchens of all sizes and shapes. However, fronts are continuously developed and over time new fronts will be launched and over time fronts will be discontinued.
Read about the FAKTUM guarantee (PDF) (German only)Contact IKEA
How do I make a METOD guarantee claim?
All METOD kitchens are sold with a guarantee. If you’d like to make a guarantee claim please have your receipt ready when you contact IKEA. If you know the article number of the product you want to make a claim on this will help us make the process even smoother. You can find METOD article numbers either on your receipt or in the product lists to the right.
METOD product lists
Use the pdf below to browse METOD products and find their article numbers (excluding delivery charges*).