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Small changes lead to
big savings

A young girl peels an orange in a kitchen filled with products that make it easier to live more sustainably
At IKEA we have loads of money-saving products and solutions to help you save energy and water, and reduce waste. They may seem like small things – but that’s the beauty of small actions: they all add up! Download the 2017 IKEA Sustainability Report PDF
Energy-saving appliances
Hidden waste-sorting solutions
LED lighting
Water-saving faucets
We’ve gone all-in with LED
Energy savings, exciting new designs, better light quality, lower environmental impact and a 20-year lifespan; new LED lighting is so much better than old incandescent lighting. So, we’ve switched our entire lighting range to LEDs. This really does mean everything, from bright and accurate kitchen lighting through to warm and cozy bedroom lighting. And don’t worry; we have a LED bulb for all your existing light fittings. Welcome to the new revolution in lighting. Welcome to the brighter world of LED.
A display of different LED lamps.
We’ve gone all-in! Now all the lighting we sell at IKEA is LED - better for your home and the environment.
A brighter life at home with LED
A display of different LED lamps.
Lighting is a vital part of life at home. It makes our homes safer, cozier and more welcoming. And it allows us to do things we couldn’t otherwise do. But around a quarter of the world’s energy consumption is used for lighting. That’s a lot of energy.
At IKEA, we want to help you live a more sustainable life at home. To reduce your energy consumption without making sacrifices. To make living a sustainable life at home easier, beautiful and more affordable. And tiny LEDs are an easy way to make a big difference.
Did you know?
You don’t need to throw out your old lamps. There’s a LEDARE light bulb to fit your existing light fittings.
Did you know?
LED bulbs use 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last up to 20 years.
LED lights use 85% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Their small size opens up a whole new world of exciting lighting design possibilities. And the light quality is so good you can have both functional and atmospheric lighting in just one light. So not only are LEDs making life at home more sustainable, they’re making it more beautiful too.
Did you know?
LEDs are so tiny they can be built into almost anything, creating plenty of new design possibilities.
A living room with three oval-shaped pendant lamp shades made of white rice paper.
An open kitchen drawer with a lit LED lighting strip.
Lighting possibilities are endless with LED
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Living more sustainably is as easy as changing your light bulbs. See why we believe wholeheartedly in LED.
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Better light, new designs and lower prices. Watch how we are fully embracing the LED lighting revolution.
Saving energy and money
Our energy-saving appliances like induction cooktops, fridges, freezers and dishwashers can help make a positive difference to the environment and help lower your energy bills. We’re offering more of these products at a low price so that as many people as possible can afford them.

See more energy-saving appliances
Also, there are simple changes you can make that can lower your energy bills even further, like using steamer inserts when you cook or washing your clothes in cold water and hanging them out to dry. All these small actions add up!
Saving energy can be as simple as using energy in the most efficient way
An energy-saving solution can be as simple as a lid on a pot or a STABIL steamer.
Upgrading your refrigerator or freezer to a newer model can save energy
To help you save energy and money every day, many of our IKEA refrigerators and dishwashers are ENERGY STAR® certified and among the top energy performers on the market.

ENERGY STAR® dishwasher models are 15% more efficient than Government Guidelines while ENERGY STAR® refrigerators are 20% more efficient than Government Guidelines.
See all dishwashersSee all refrigerators
Induction technology enable you to use energy in a more efficient way, saving time and money
Go ahead, watch your water boil
What’s the magic behind induction technology? It’s basically a magnetic field technology that only heats the pan – not the cooktop or surrounding air – so only a small amount of heat is wasted. Two liters of water can be brought to boil in just five minutes while it takes as much as 10 minutes on a glass-ceramic cooktop. You’ll be seeing a lot more induction cooktops from us in the future!

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Saving energy with textiles
There are lots of simple ways to save energy at home and a couple of them only require a trip to the store. Since many homes lose heat through the floors, area rugs are the unsung heroes of low-cost, quick-fix energy solutions.

See all rugs
You can also save energy and regulate indoor temperatures by using textiles to insulate your window and door openings. Curtains block the hot sun in summer and help keep the heat inside during winter.

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Using textiles is an easy way to save keep your house cool in the summer; warm in the winter
Using rugs and curtains can help you regulate the temperature in the summer and winter.
Reduce your water usage up to 50% by installing an IKEA bathroom faucet
Let’s all do our part to save water, a precious resource we all share.
Tapping into more ways to use less water
Experts say that less than three percent of the water on Earth is fresh water. We can all contribute to conserving this precious, shared resource. That’s why we offer kitchen faucets that reduce water consumption by up to 30%, bathroom faucets that reduce consumption up to 50%, and we have improved the water efficiency of many of our dishwashers.

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Save the water you use to rinse vegetables in and water your plants with it
IKEA kitchen faucets save up to 30% on your water usage
More ways to use less water
Switching to one of our kitchen or bathroom faucets can reduce your water usage between 30% to 50%. What’s the secret? Well, a pressure compensating aerator, a little device inside the faucet that adds a little bit of air to help you save water and hopefully money, too.

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Using resources in a smart way
Recycling and preventing waste is something everybody can do – from small homes to big businesses. Preventing waste is a simple way to save money by only using what we need. When we recycle, materials like paper, plastic and metal can be used again to make new products, instead of taking new resources out of the Earth. Who knows what your next egg carton or juice bottle could become next!

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Preventing waste is something we can all do
reycle your old mattress
Recycle your old mattress
Most IKEA stores in Canada offer a mattress recycling service if you purchase delivery of your new IKEA mattress. We ensure that your old mattress is taken away, disassembled into components, and repurposed for future use. This is another way that IKEA is working to keep waste out of landfills.

Store locator
In store recycling station
Free recycling for batteries and bulbs
Batteries and energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) contain low levels of mercury and must be recycled properly. Since 2001, all IKEA locations in Canada have offered a free "Take Back" program for CFLs and batteries - even for non-IKEA brands. Simply bring your old ones back to the stores and deposit them at our recycling station.

Please note: This service is intended for IKEA customers to recycle only household items.
VARIERA recycling series lets you customize your recycling
Create your own recycling solution
Local recycling systems around the world can be very different, which is why we made a modular system that you can customize. This space-saving system helps you separate your recyclables in a way that works for you. The bins are easy to lift and carry, and the lids lock in odours.

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Two white, stacked waste bins filled with paper
Get creative with ways to sort
PLUGGIS waste sort­ing bin is compact, stackable and easy to clean. Consider one for every room to make recy­cling that much easier. Why not stack two waste paper baskets and create a space efficient sorting station?

See PLUGGIS waste sorting bin
IKEA FAMILY Sell-Back Program
At IKEA, we believe the value of an IKEA product is a beautiful thing not to be wasted. We know that sometimes you need to part with a piece of furniture because it no longer suits your needs, and we want to give those products another life. IKEA Canada's "Sell-Back" program is a smarter way to look at the value of your unwanted furnishings. When it’s time to say goodbye to the things that are outdated, unwanted or cluttering your home, we’ll buy them back from you in the form of an IKEA in-store credit. It really is that simple and easy!
We’ll do our best to give another life to the items we buy back, so that you benefit, the community benefits, and so does the planet. Together, we're making a more beautiful world.
IKEA Canada "Sell-Back" Program
3 easy ways to prevent food waste
Saving leftovers help you save money in your food budget
Cook and save
Leftovers are great but who wants to eat spicy black bean soup five nights in a row? Make weekly dinner menus and store leftovers in the freezer for lunch another day.

See all IKEA 365+ food containers
Preserving nature’s bounty is a delicious way to feed your family
Our KORKEN series containers are made from at least 40% recycled glass and can store your grandmother’s spiced chutney recipe when plums are in season.

See all KORKEN jars
Storing your food so you can see it makes it easier to come up with menu ideas!
Stack and store
We tend to eat what we see. As soon as you get home from the grocery store, put cereal, pasta and other dry goods in see-through containers for easy-to-find menu ideas.

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3 ways to contribute to sustainable transportation
Electric vehicle charging
Electric vehicle charging
We're charged up about electric vehicles! There are now two Level-2 EV charge points at every IKEA store in Canada, and additional Level-3 EV charge points at every Ontario store. Charge points are available at no cost to IKEA customers.

We also offer preferred parking spaces close to our store entrances for hybrid and electric vehicles.
Shuttle bus service
Shuttle bus service
IKEA offers a hybrid shuttle bus service to customers shopping at our North York and Etobicoke locations in Toronto. Our shuttle buses provide a pick up and drop off service at specific public transit hubs, making it easier for you to come to IKEA without a car. Taking the shuttle can also cut down the number of bus connections you'd have to take.
Delivery service
Delivery service
IKEA's home delivery service allows customers to receive larger goods conveniently at home even if they travel to the store by public transport, our complimentary shuttle buses, bicycle, or on foot.
Installing solar panels on an IKEA store
Creating positive change
Learn how we’re sourcing materials in a responsible way and becoming energy independent.

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