Do you share our values?

Throughout the years, IKEA has stood by a set of values that affect the way we work. These values are as important at an IKEA store in Ireland as they are in a photo studio in Sweden or a distribution centre in China.

Humbleness and willpower

We respect each other, our customers and our suppliers. Using our willpower means we get things done.

Leadership by example

Our managers try to set a good example, and expect the same of IKEA co-workers.

Daring to be different

We question old solutions and, if we have a better idea, we are willing to change.

Togetherness and enthusiasm

Together, we have the power to solve seemingly unsolvable problems. We do it all the time.


Low prices are impossible without low costs, so we proudly achieve good results with small resources.

Constant desire for renewal

Change is good. We know that adapting to customer demands with innovative solutions saves money and contributes to a better everyday life at home.

Accept and delegate responsibility

We promote co-workers with potential and stimulate them to surpass their expectations. Sure, people make mistakes. But they learn from them!
Sustainability is an IKEA priority
We are changing our ways to do less harm to the environment.
People and the environment
It all started in Småland
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Our roots
The IKEA Vision
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Our vision and business idea
"I will never forget my first steps into the IKEA store. The manager wore the same uniform as everyone else."
Sara Ahlberg,
Process development,
"I’m responsible, but not the centre of the universe."
Pär Sundqvist,
Store distribution manager,
"In the 29 years I have been here, the business has changed a lot. It is growing year on year and getting better and better."
"When I showed an interest in doing something new, the company was prepared to let me do it."
Guy Labrecque,
Operational support,