Silvia Soekeland, Germany

"My work inspires me in my private life, making me feel strong and energized."

Silvia Soekeland, Germany
No day has been like the day before

Silvia Soekeland joined IKEA in Finance in 1990. In 1993 she became a team leader and three years later joined a growing Controlling team as IKEA expanded. She is currently a business navigator, a role that helps management make better business decisions and points out optimal business directions.

When I joined IKEA, I was impressed by the size of the company, the welcoming feeling, and the friendly, informal manager who interviewed me. In 1993, I became team leader for my group. It was a great time, but after about three years I decided to give up the personnel management. The main reason was the heavy workload. When I left, I got very positive feedback from my co-workers. What they said has stayed with me until this day – it feels like we are really close.

During these 20 years, no day has been like the day before. To handle change and to work in the right way, I always discuss things with my colleagues. We talk, talk, talk.

My job is one of the most important things in my life and often my work inspires me in my private life, making me feel strong and energized. Sometimes I think about what I would do if I won a big amount of money in a lottery or something. Would I stop working, just taking it easy? The answer is no. Working at IKEA gives me a broader perspective on my life.

Silvia Soekeland
Business Navigator
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