Pär Sundqvist, Sweden

“I am driven by curiosity.”

Pär Sundqvist, Sweden
I’m responsible, but not the centre of the universe

I started as a salesperson in an IKEA store. In total, I worked 11 years in the Swedish retail organization. For five-and-a-half years I have worked with distribution, right now as a store distribution manager. In the past I also worked as a resource manager, making sure there were enough photographers, interior decorators, and art directors to create the IKEA catalogue.

I am driven by curiosity – testing my knowledge and experience, moving one step up or to the side, challenging my competence. Working in different parts of IKEA has helped me see the bigger picture, how the parts are connected, and how complex it is. In my area, we’re always asking ourselves: are we really solving a problem or just passing it on to someone else? For me, it is important to interact with the rest of the company.

As a manager, I am a team member. I’m responsible but not the centre of the universe. There is always someone who knows more than you do. And there are always new things that you can learn, which I think is the essence of why I work with IKEA.

Pär Sundqvist
Store distribution manager
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