Nicki Craddock, UK

"I'm a great believer in focusing on today. Tomorrow will take care of itself."

Nicki Craddock, UK
I realized I have a lot of passion for helping people develop.

My first store manager said that I should start in sales. He said that to understand IKEA, you have to start on the shop floor. That was a turning point for me. Now most of my career has been in sales. I was a group leader, a deputy shopkeeper, and department head for lighting - all in the same store at IKEA Warrington.

The big city
Then I moved to London in 1996. I got the big city buzz and loved it. I still live there. I was a lighting manager and overall responsible for the showroom. I worked as a project manager for a big store rebuild and then I was Public Relations Manager for the UK for four years. Now I am Competence Development Coach for Sales in the UK.

I realized I have a lot of passion for helping people develop. I have learned that people come in all shapes and sizes. And I have learned to appreciate that fact.

If you want strict rules and guidelines then IKEA is probably not for you. Of course we have standards and routines but there is a big scope for making a difference and doing things your way too. I never plan future moves. I believe that by focusing on taking care of today, tomorrow will take care of itself. I'm not worried about the future.

Nicki Craddock
Competence development coach
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