Guy Labrecque, France

"When I showed an interest in doing something new, the company was prepared to let me do it."

Guy Labrecque, France
Canadian finds new challenges in France

I’m operational support manager in Metz Distribution Centre in France, taking care of all the administrative parts of operating the distribution centre, like making sure deliveries are on time and correct. I worked for almost 15 years in the Brossard Distribution Centre in Canada in manager positions until I was offered the job I have now. This was a dream come true; my wife and I had been looking for an opportunity to live in Europe for a few years. We really like our life in France. It helped a lot that IKEA offered us a good relocation package and that the distribution centre manager is from Canada.

The biggest challenge is to learn the laws and culture of people here. I must be able to provide answers and to understand the way of life of the people I work with. Without that knowledge, I wouldn’t be a good manager.

At IKEA, you have to be humble, openminded, admit your mistakes, and learn from them…IKEA is a company that will give you opportunities if you are willing to take responsibility, to learn, and adapt to change. Whenever I showed an interest in doing something new, even if I had never done it before, the company was prepared to let me do it.

Guy Labrecque
Operational support manager
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