Aziza Nathan, The Netherlands

"It was a great experience to do things differently!"

Aziza Nathan, The Netherlands
You have to be open minded, adaptable and able to take risks...

In 2001, I was approached by an agency to join IKEA. At the time, I knew very little about IKEA as a company, except for the fact that it is a Swedish company that sells furniture and meat balls. I did some research to learn more about IKEA and I was immediately attracted to the whole concept, culture and values.

A new culture
I first worked in Wembley for 7 years and then for a short period in Edmonton in Human Resources. My initial culture shock when I started was, how very different IKEA is to the other retailers I had worked for. It was a new challenge, but I was determined that by living the IKEA culture and applying the values to every day life, I will stay motivated to make a difference within my work place and personally. I felt a great sense of belonging and I knew,this was the right company to work for, at last!

Working abroad
Nearly 8 years later, the opportunity to work abroad came up. I thought to myself, is it time to take on another challenge in my career and personal life? As a single mother to a teenage boy, I realised this journey abroad would be a great opportunity for both of us and at the same time, I was also aware, this is not going to be an easy ride!

3 years on, I am writing this article to let you know that the decision I had taken 3 years earlier, was definitely the right one. Working within Global Mobility in the Netherlands has expanded my experience even more. I had learned that although I thoroughly enjoyed working in retail that I could adapt to working in a completely new and different working environment and a new country. Despite some teething problems at the beginning of the journey, the risk was worth taking and the experience has been totally enriching.

If you are adaptable and willing to take calculated risks, I would recommend you to explore the opportunities within IKEA. It would help you grow further, learn new skills and embrace new cultures and different ways of living altogether!

Aziza Nathan
IKEA Global Mobility Support
The Netherlands


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