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Co-worker stories

Meet some of our 123,000 closest friends.

"Ingeborg has spent more than 28 years at IKEA."

"I am driven by curiosity."

"My work inspires me in my private life, making me feel strong and energized."

"I believe in taking care of today. Tomorrow will handle itself."

"When I showed an interest in doing something new, the company was prepared to let me do it."


The IKEA Vision
Read more about what we stand for.
Our vision and business idea
It all started in Småland
It all started in Småland
Find out how a simple business idea turned into a worldwide organization.
Our roots
Do you share our values?
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The year the 100th co-worker joined IKEA. Now we number 123,000 worldwide.


Number of languages you can get the IKEA catalogue. The catalogue is designed by Marketing and communications co-workers.