Organize your kitchen

It does not take much effort to arrange your kitchen so that there is enough space for everything and so that everything is easy to find. Interior fittings can help you maximize the capacity in your cabinets and drawers and keep things organized. By combining different fittings, you can create a personal storage system that perfectly suits your needs.

Interior organizers

If you have to reach too high or bend down too often to get to essential items, there’s a good chance they’re not in their ideal position. Storage solutions like smooth-running, fully-extending drawers with adjustable drawer dividers provide a complete overview of contents; giving you access to the things you need quickly and easily, even if they’re placed in the back.

With inside drawers and cabinets, you can further enhance the functionality of your kitchen work zones with smart VARIERA interior fittings like cutlery trays, waste bins, plate holders, plus all sorts of boxes and racks.

Here are some handy tips for you when planning how to organize the inside of your kitchen:


Pull-out pantry
A pull-out pantry makes it easy to find and reach everything in deep cabinets. Make sure there is enough space around the ladder so you can reach in from both sides.
Store heavy pots and pans near the cooking unit
Use drawers or pull-out wire baskets to put them within easy reach.
Utilize space in corner cabinets
Corner lazy Susans fittings make the most of available space.
Use the space under your oven
Under-oven drawers are convenient for storing trays and pans.
Use the space between shelves
Shelf inserts in different depths make smart use of space.
Maximize your storage space in cabinets
A combination of door-mounted baskets and shallow shelves make efficient use of space and create a good overview of stored items.
Keep plastic bags in place
Handy storage for plastic bags or other items can be mounted inside a cabinet door or wherever needed.


Keep spices, flatware and utensils organized
Use spice racks, flatware trays or drawer dividers.
Keep plates in place when drawers are opened and closed
Stack them in drawers with plate holders.
Flatware trays
Create your own customized solution using flatware trays which fit perfectly inside your drawer.

Waste sorting

Place waste bins under your sink
These make effective use of the space, are easy to reach, and help to avoid spills on the floor. Adapt the size and number of waste containers to the size of the household and to local regulations for sorting and recycling.


Organize large cleaning equipment
Use interior fittings to organize your mop and vacuum cleaner. It will be easier to take them out and put them back in.

Wall organizers

Do you get tired of searching through cabinets and drawers for those everyday kitchen items? Are your worktops often cluttered? Then look no further than your walls. IKEA offers a wide selection of styles and functions in wall storage accessories. The ideas are simple, unobtrusive, and yet wonderfully efficient. Hanging rails and accessories give you lots of additional storage, without adding extra volume. You’ll be amazed at how much can hang from one rail. From knives, cooking utensils, pots and pans to spice racks, plate racks, and even a tiny herb garden. Everything is within easy reach and can be found instantly when you need it.

Sink organizers

Sink organizers maximize the use of the sink area when washing up, cutting or draining. They make the areas multifunctional and can serve as prolongation of work space, as an extra bowl, etc.

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