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Together with Whirlpool, we’ve considered the way you cook and go about everyday life in the kitchen. From there, we’ve designed a range of appliances that make life in the kitchen just a little bit easier.

Ovens and ranges

Every cook is different so we have a selection of ovens and ranges with different functions, sizes, and styles to fit your kitchen and needs. They're built-in for ergonomic comfort and will match perfectly with the IKEA kitchen of your choice. Just like all IKEA kitchen appliances – they are designed to be energy efficient.
Double ovens

Big families means big meal times. Larger households have different and more challenging requirements in kitchen appliances. A double oven – with both convection and self-cleaning functions – gives you plenty of oven space to cook meals for your family evenly, quickly, and with less cleanup afterwards.
Self-cleaning function

The special self-cleaning function in these ovens turns the heat up to over 400°C, causing grease and dirt/food remnants to turn into ashes. When the cycle is complete, all you need to do to clean the oven is to wipe it down with a wet cloth.

Microwave ovens

A microwave oven saves you time and facilitates your everyday cooking in a flexible way. Better still: they’re all built-in and coordinate perfectly with all our other appliances, creating a great, integrated look. Being built-in and mounted in a high cabinet means you have it at a comfortable working height and free up extra space on your worktop. Along with defrosting and heating up food, we have models with an extractor fan, so you get two functions in one, all the while it coordinates with the kitchen and the rest of your appliances.


From quick-heating glass ceramic cooktops, to energy efficient and precise induction cooktops, or easy-to-control gas ones, we’ve got a wide range of options.
Induction cooktops

Induction cooktops get the job done faster than any other cooktop. Not to mention they are also easier on both your energy bill and the environment. Induction cooktops operate at a much higher level of efficiency compared to other cooktops because they transfer their energy directly to your pots and pans so very little heat is lost to the surface or the surrounding atmosphere. Usually found at a price only affordable to the few, our induction cooktops are available at a price that makes them accessible to more people than ever before.
Ceramic cooktops

These cooktops give an even heat and have a smooth, easy-to clean surface of tempered glass. Some have variable cooking zones that provide effective heat and that can be adapted to the size of the cookware.
Gas cooktops

Many avid cooks swear by gas cooktops. They respond almost immediately when you increase or lower the heat, giving you lots of control and accuracy. Since the flame responds so quickly, the burner doesn’t need extra time to heat up or cool down.
Energy-saving tip!

You’re using the cooktop a lot. By choosing an induction cooktop that heats up quickly, you’re saving a lot of time and energy. The induction cooktop is also more efficient in transferring heat to the pot compared to other types of cooktops. Use the right sized burner for the size of pot or pan you are using. If the burner is bigger than the pot, it wastes energy. Also, always use a lid when boiling water.

Extractor hoods

Hoods are the multitaskers of the kitchen. They quietly remove grease, smoke, and steam, all while making a design impact. We offer a wider range of hoods – from design features to more discreet built-in extractor fans with different features and functions. You can choose a wall-mounted model, an integrated model, or one mounted over your kitchen island. Most can be installed to either be ducted to the outside or to re-circulate the air via a charcoal filter. When choosing an extractor hood, make sure you choose one with an extraction rate that corresponds with the size of your kitchen. Choosing one with an extraction rate higher than you need can result in unnecessary noise levels and lead to higher energy costs.
Energy-saving tip!

Clean the grease filter often. This way you’re keeping the function of the hood and saving energy since the hood doesn’t need to use as much energy with a clean filter compared to a greasy one. It’s easy to keep the grease filters clean since they are dishwasher-safe.

Fridges & freezers

We offer a wide selection of refrigerators in different sizes and with different features to match all kinds of family needs. We also offer counter-depth models that fit between IKEA cabinets for an integrated look, as well as models with ice machines. All our models have been designed with energy efficiency as a priority.
ENERGY STAR® certified

All our models are ENERGY STAR® certified, saving energy and reducing your energy bills. As a result, all of our refrigerators are 20% more efficient than Government Guidelines.


A dishwasher doesn't just save you time; it also saves you more water than washing by hand. The more dishes you can take care of at once, the better. To create even more space, consider a tall tub model.
ENERGY STAR® certified

All our models are ENERGY STAR® certified, saving energy and reducing your energy bills. As a result, all of our dishwashers are 15% more efficient than Government Guidelines. They use only 860 gallons of water annually compared to 5805 gallons from hand washing your dishes.

All our dishwashers are designed to be integrated with a door that matches the kitchen, or choose one in white or stainless steel. Decide if you want a door that conceals or displays the control panel. Do you perhaps want a dishwasher that matches with all other NUTID appliances? Then choose the NUTID dishwasher with stainless steel front and VINNA handles.

Made to last. Guaranteed.

We ensure that your appliances are tough enough to cope with daily wear and tear, year in and year out.

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