Buy a kitchen in 5 steps

From measuring your room and deciding between kitchen layouts to choosing the right interior fittings, appliances, and lighting. That’s what this guide is all about. We’ve also included useful information about our complete kitchen services. We can help you with everything from measuring your room to installing your new kitchen!

Ready to start planning your IKEA kitchen? Here's a checklist for you before you get started.

Get inspired

Browse among our kitchen solutions. Create the look of your dream kitchen by combining door types, countertops, appliances, knobs and handles. You’ll find even more inspiration within our kitchen brochure and in-store.

Measure your room

An essential part of the planning process, accurate measurements, helps to ensure that your new kitchen will both fit and function properly. If measuring isn’t exactly your cup of tea, that’s not a problem. We can do it for you.

Start planning

The planning area in-store has computers you can use to plan your kitchen with our 3D planner - or do it from the comfort of your own home. Our kitchen experts are on hand to provide hints and advice. Or you can use graph paper and paper puzzle.

Perfect your kitchen

Complete your kitchen with mouldings, lighting, wall and sink organizers, islands and more from our complete offer of kitchen items. Everything you need for a functional kitchen is available under one roof.

Choose services and place your order

IKEA is on hand to assist with the delivery, assembly, and installation of your brand new kitchen. Use and pay only for the services you’ll need to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Ready to start planning your IKEA kitchen?
Here's a checklist for you before you get started:

Do it yourself or…

...let us do the work for you?
□ Shopping service
□ Home delivery service
□ Assembly service
□ Kitchen installation service
□ Van rental service

Call IKEA Home Shopping at 1-866-866-IKEA

You’ll need to bring...

...the correct measurements of your room
□ Walls
□ Floors
□ Doors
□ Windows
□ Other factors such as location of radiators, pipes, switches etc

It’s good if you have considered...

...your kitchen’s working triangle
□ Cooking zone
□ Washing up zone
□ Storing zone

...what basic units and appliances you need
□ Cabinets, drawers, and shelves
□ Doors and handles
□ Countertops
□ Sink
□ Faucets
□ Oven/Range
□ Microwave oven
□ Cooktop
□ Hood
□ Fridge/freezer
□ Dishwasher
□ Legs/plinths
□ Freestanding units/carts to organize your kitchen
□ Interior organizers
□ Wall organizers
□ Sink organizers

You might also want to look into...

...features that make your kitchen more sustainable
□ Energy consumption
□ Waste sorting
□ Water consumption to light up your kitchen
□ General lighting
□ Functional lighting
□ Mood and decorative lighting to make your kitchen safe for children
□ Safety products

IKEA kitchen brochure

Inspiring solutions,
tips, and ideas to use when planning your new kitchen

Ideas for your dream kitchen

Explore our kitchens and get ideas for yours

Made to last. Guaranteed.

We ensure that your kitchen is tough enough to cope with daily wear and tear, year in and year out.

Plan your
kitchen in 3D

Use our 3D planner at home - or in the store with one of our kitchen experts