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Unique, handmade pieces created by Setsuné Indigenous Fashion Incubator
Unique, handmade pieces created by Setsuné Indigenous Fashion Incubator.
Introducing the ÅTERSTÄLLA collection, developed in partnership with Setsuné Indigenous Fashion Incubator, a Toronto-based social enterprise that fosters and promotes Indigenous artists, with young women and mothers in focus.

Please note: Available from June 8, 2017 only in-store at IKEA Etobicoke (Toronto) while quantities last.

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Setsuné designers story
Crafting the apronDesigning the collectionIntroducing the ÅTERSTÄLLA collection
The collection is made entirely from salvaged IKEA textiles that would otherwise have become waste. Instead, Setsuné has crafted this material into a beautiful collection of products that support cooking and eating. When Indigenous people hunt an animal, no part of that animal is wasted - out of respect for the animal, the natural world, and humanity. This collection was created to capture that traditional philosophy, preventing valuable materials from being wasted and sustaining Indigenous culture. Each of the items in the collection is a hand-made, unique piece for your life at home.

In Swedish, ÅTERSTÄLLA means to restore, heal, or redecorate, which relates to the “upcycling” approach of using salvaged textiles from IKEA stores to produce this collection. Setsuné (set-soon-ay) means grandmother in the Dene language, signifying intergenerational connection and oral history.
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Social enterprises use the power of business to address challenges in society such as reducing poverty and empowering women or marginalized people.IKEA has partnered with a variety of social enterprises around the world to provide them with greater access to markets, boost employment, and develop skills to strengthen the business.
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ÅTERSTÄLLA Fabric pouches available in assorted coloursÅTERSTÄLLA Apron available in assorted colours
ÅTERSTÄLLA Basket available in assorted coloursÅTERSTÄLLA Tea towels available in assorted colours

Multi-purpose item for cooking, gardening, or crafting. Setsuné adapted three strips of ribbon in a way that are commonly used on Indigenous dress, textiles and design.
75 x 60 cm
$3.99 each

Multi-purpose item for keeping tidy or bundling special items. Bundles are significant in Indigenous culture for eating and ceremonial practices.
50 x 70 cm

Store and display fruit, vegetables, herbs and medicines. The land on which this collection was created was traditionally foraged for food for sustenance.
24 x 14 cm
$2.99 each

Store herbs, teas and medicines.
22 x 22 cm
Each item is carefully crafted by an artisan meaning no two pieces are alike giving them each a unique look adding an artistic, one-of-a-kind addition for your home.
Unspecified fiber contents. Made of recycled IKEA textile.