What is it like to work at IKEA?

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Personal stories from the people who work here reveal why they joined us and why they stay.

Some of us wear a yellow shirt. Some of us don’t.

To most of our customers, “working at IKEA” means working at an IKEA store. But it takes hundreds of other roles to create low-priced, well-designed products that improve your life at home.

Who says success is shaped like a ladder?

A career at IKEA is what – and where – you make it.

Top 10 reasons people stay with IKEA

Hint: Travelling first class isn't one of them.
Sustainability is an IKEA priority
We are changing our ways to do less harm to the environment.
People and the environment
It all started in Småland
Find out how a simple business idea turned into a worldwide organization.
Our roots
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The IKEA quiz
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