A woman sitting on a washing machine surrounded by quilt covers and pillowcases in various patterns.


Extraordinary ordinary
The STUNSIG collection is here to make a statement. The designers and artists behind the collection have created a range of bold patterns and prints and applied them to everyday items like cushions, quilt covers, boxes and porcelain. Mix and match to suit your style and personality. STUNSIG adds the extra to the ordinary.
Limited edition collection - Launching June
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A woman covered in a quilt cover and pillowcase with bee and flower pattern.
A man sitting on an empty bus looking in a sketch book.
A woman standing in a corridor leaning against some cabinets, around her hangs textile bags with various patterns.
A woman standing in a corridor with several textile bags on her shoulder.
A woman sitting on a bench surrounded by cushions in various patterns and on the floor lies two rugs.
A woman standing on a rug with a funny black and white pattern.
A man sitting in an escalator holding a bowl and in front of him a display of mugs, bowls and plates in various patterns.
A laundry cart filled with quilt covers and pillowcases with fun cucumber pattern.
“With STUNSIG we wanted to present new artistic prints that are more unique, more fun and more daring! And apply them to selected IKEA products, turning them upside down and make them extraordinary.”
Henrik Most, Creative Leader for STUNSIG
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A woman with a textile bag on her arm.
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A bench with two cushions featuring a pattern with doves.
A woman sitting on a bench with a pile of cushions in various patterns beside her and on the floor lies two rugs.
Mugs, bowls and a tray with various patterns displayed in an escalator.
A woman sitting beside a washing machine and colourful quilt covers and pillowcases falling out of the machine.
A man sitting on an empty bus surrounded by sketch books featuring covers in various patterns.
A man standing in the gangway of an empty bus, with a skateboard and a sketch book under his arm.
Textile bags with cucumber and wolf patterns hanging on locker-doors.
A woman standing beside a vending machine filled with plates and mugs in various patterns.
A pile of cushions featuring a colourful pattern shown on a colourful rug.
A man sitting in an escalator with a bowl and plate on a tray in his lap.
Limited edition collection - Launching June
A collage of various prints featuring drawings of monkeys in a banana tree, black/white drawings of wolfs and various birds.
Frédérique Vernillet
Frédérique’s ultra-realistic drawing style and her poetic inspiration seeks to modernise the old-fashioned universe of figurative illustrations. Wild animals and colourful birds often compose her enchanting and quirky universe. “Wild animals are always exciting. You want to pet them, but you’re also a little afraid of how they’ll react. They’re just as beautiful as they are terrifying,” says Frédérique.
A collage of various prints featuring funny drawings of cucumbers, flamingos in fun positions and cat noses with muzzles.
Malcolm Stuart
Originally from Santa Rosa, CA, Malcolm Stuart has spent the better part of his life straddling the worlds of visual art and dance. Malcolm says that creating vibrant images that are humorous, playful, odd, and curious, in as many ways and places as possible, is his ultimate goal.
A collage of various prints featuring patterns of mythical creatures, colourful flowers with an eye in the middle, manga eyes, giraffes and mosaic.
Pinar & Viola
As an eclectic young duo, based in Paris, they are considered among today’s leaders in avant-garde image creation, working with brands that are the leaders in their lines of expertise. “We want people to feel excited and positive about the future, dare to trust the unknown, and see the beauty in diversity,” claims the duo.
A collage of various prints featuring funny patterns in black and white.
Steven Harrington
Cited as the leader of a contemporary Californian psychedelic-pop aesthetic, Los Angeles–based artist and designer Steven Harrington is best known for his bright, iconic style that encourages a two-way conversation between the artist and viewer. “For me, creating art is an experience similar to life: you really don’t know what will happen next”, says Steven.
A collage of various prints featuring colourful humouristic patterns.
Team Hawaii
Team Hawaii, a Stockholm based duo, quickly established themselves using their trademark collage illustrations that were easily recognised for their strong sense of humour and unusual visual concepts. “It’s a fun and relaxed method which means we can work together with the same image. It’s a bit like a chess game where someone adds and the other removes.”
A collage of various prints featuring graphic elements and motifs from the nature.
Tilde Bay
Tilde Bay lives and works in Copenhagen, making everything from spectacular artistic dresses that have drawn the attention of people like Lady Gaga to digital print collections and artistic photography. When asked about the inspiration for her work, she responds simply: “I use the whole world and my imagination as a potential workspace area.”