IKEA FAMILY Frequently Asked Questions

IKEA Family Club Information

a. How can I become an IKEA Family member? It’s free and easy to sign up and you can start using the benefits immediately. You will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes with your IKEA Family number and barcode which you can use to scan at the check-out instore or enter at the checkout online. Remember to always scan your card, barcode or present your member number to take advantage of all your member benefits.

b. I didn’t receive a physical card when I joined. How can I scan my membership card? You can find your IKEA Family number and barcode all IKEA Family emails you receive. You can also retrieve your IKEA Family number by sending the word “Family” via SMS to 0488 405 405. Make sure you’re sending this message from the mobile phone number that you entered when you joined IKEA Family. To update your mobile phone number, log into My Account. Another quick way to access your IKEA Family number is through the IKEA store app. Enter and save your IKEA Family number in the app and scan your phone every time you shop instore. The IKEA store app can be downloaded from the Google Play or App Store.

c. Can I use my IKEA Family card in another country? IKEA Family cards can only be used in the country they are issued in. If you would like to take advantage of an IKEA Family offer in a different country you would need to register in that country.

Cards & Account

a. Will I get a physical card when I sign up? No, IKEA Australia is card-free! We strive to be environmentally conscious and no longer issue cards. Previously issued IKEA Family cards can still be used, but cannot be replaced.

b. How do I login online? Click the ‘My Account’ at the top right of any page of the IKEA Australia website. Enter your registered email address and then your chosen password. Click the ‘Log in’ button.

c. How do I update my account details? You can update any of your details such as name, address, contact details, communication preferences and home interests online via your IKEA Family account. Login at My Account here , then edit your changes and finally select ‘save changes’.

d. What if I forgot my password or want to change my password? If you've forgotten your password, click the 'Forgot password?' link below the login button on the login page and we'll email you to reset it. If you cannot changed your password yourself, please contact our IKEA Customer Service Centre. IKEA Customer Service Centre phone numbers:

Victoria/Tasmania - 03 8523 2154
Australian Capital Territory/ New South Wales - 02 8020 6641
Queensland/Northern Territory - 02 8020 6641
Adelaide - 08 8154 4532
Perth - 08 9201 4532

e. What should I do if I want to receive marketing or promotional emails from IKEA Family? Members are required to opt into email communications in order to receive any marketing or promotional emails from IKEA Family. If you would like to receive our email communications, complete the following steps:

  • Login at My Account here
  • Scroll down to the ‘Communication preferences’ section
  • Click ‘Update communication preferences'
  • Tick the 'I wish to be communicate with via email' box
  • Select 'Save changes'

f. I’ve tried to use the SMS retrieval service to obtain my membership card number but I keep receiving an invalid mobile number message. This means that the mobile number you’re using to SMS isn’t the same mobile number you’ve provided us when you joined, or that the mobile number is used in multiple IKEA accounts (such as IKEA business or a regular online profile). Update your mobile number in your profile by logging to at My Account here. Edit your changes and select ‘Save changes’.

g. Can I use my IKEA Family details when I shop online at IKEA Australia website? Absolutely! Always enter your IKEA Family number at the Checkout page or log into your IKEA Family account before you complete your purchase. In order to take advantage of the quarterly Spend & Save offer, make sure you have entered your IKEA Family number at every online purchase.

h. How do I know if my IKEA Family membership details have been scanned successfully? For any purchases made online with your valid 19-digit IKEA Family card number entered into the online checkout, your IKEA Family card number will be shown on your Order Confirmation email. For any purchases made in-store, you will see your valid 19-digit IKEA Family card number printed on your physical receipt.

i. How do I unsubscribe from IKEA Family emails? You can click the word ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of every email you receive from IKEA Family. Alternatively you can log into your account and update your communication preferences.

j. What should I do if my IKEA Family card is damaged or lost? Sorry to hear that your IKEA Family card is damaged or lost, however we won’t be able to re-issue a new IKEA Family card. We recommend you to go ‘Card Free’ with us by downloading the IKEA Store app to your smart phone. The app can store a digital version of your IKEA Family card. Download now for free via Google Play (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS). To find out how to store your IKEA Family card in your mobile, please visit here. Alternatively, you can login to My Account and get your IKEA Family card number and its barcode online. You can also get your IKEA Family card number and barcode on any IKEA Family emails if you are opted into receiving email communication from us.

k. Can I use two different IKEA Family cards in one transaction? No, you can only scan one IKEA Family card during each transaction.

l. I forgot to scan my card when I purchased. Can I add my member number to the purchase afterwards? IKEA Family members must present their Family card in-store or online at the checkout at the time of purchase. IKEA is unable to allocate an IKEA Family number to the purchase afterwards.

Join & get a $10 voucher

a. How do I access this benefit? Sign up to IKEA Family and you will receive a $10 voucher via email immediately after joining.

b. Can existing loyal members receive this benefit? No, this benefit is for new IKEA Family members only. Existing members can also be rewarded through the Quarterly Rewards benefit.

c. How do I redeem the voucher? For in-store: Present the $10 reward email (either with a physical print-out or from an electronic device) and scan the barcode contained in that email together with your IKEA Family number at the check-out counter. For online: Enter the coupon code from the $10 reward email in the coupon field before you ‘Begin Checkout’. Enter your IKEA Family number at check-out before finalising payment.

d. When will the voucher expire? The $10 voucher will expire in 30 days since the day you joined IKEA Family.

e. Is there a minimum spend to use the voucher? Yes, you must spend a minimum of $10 in order to use the voucher.

Quarterly Rewards

a. How do I benefit from this offer? Simple –you just need to present your IKEA Family details when purchasing at the check-out in-store or online within each defined quarter. If you accidentally forget to scan your membership card, those purchases will not be counted and will not contribute to the $100 spend. We do not backdate any purchases without you scanning your IKEA Family card.

b. What quarter periods does Quarterly Rewards cover? Quarter 1 – 1 January to 31 March
Quarter 2 – 1 April to 30 June
Quarter 3 – 1 July to 30 September
Quarter 4 – 1 October to 31 December

c. Is this Quarterly Rewards offer available both instore and online? Of course! To make shopping at IKEA more convenient for you, any purchase you make in-store or online will be counted, including purchases made at the IKEA Restaurant, café, bistro or Swedish Food Market. For online purchases, please ensure you enter the correct IKEA Family card number (19-digit) at checkout. The purchase of IKEA gift cards and services such as an assembly service, home delivery, installation, or click and collect are excluded and won’t count towards the $100 spend.

d. How does this Quarterly Rewards offer actually work? At the first day of each quarter (i.e. 1 Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct) your purchase amount will reset to ‘$0’ and we will track every purchase you made within the 3 months. The total amount of purchases will be accumulated to the end of the quarter. If you are eligible and meet the $100 spend threshold in the defined quarter, you will receive a $10 reward via email at the beginning of each quarter to use within that quarter.

e. Are credits and refunds during the quarter applied to the total balance calculated? Yes. Any credits or refunds during the quarter will be applied to the total balance calculated. For instance, if you made a purchase of $70 in April and made a refund in May of $10 and then purchased another $20 in June. Your balance as of 30 June is $80. Hence, you do not meet the $100 threshold and are not eligible for a $10 reward in July.

f. If I ordered some products online during the first quarter but the products I ordered won’t be able to deliver in the first quarter, were the amount of purchase still attributed to the $100 spend in the first quarter? For all IKEA online transactions (or store orders fulfilled from our fulfillment centres), the orders need to be completed and delivered by 11:59:59 PM AEST on the last day of each quarter to qualify for the $10 Reward. If your ordered products will be delivered in the second quarter, then you will receive a $10 Reward in the third quarter.

Quarterly Rewards - Redemption

a. When will I receive the $10 reward? You will receive an email at the beginning of the following quarter. This can take up to 10 business days once the quarter commences.

b. How can I redeem the $10 reward? For in-store: Present the $10 reward email (either with a physical print-out or from an electronic device) and scan the barcode contained in that email together with your IKEA Family card or number at the check-out counter.
For online: Enter the coupon code from the $10 reward email in the coupon field before you ‘Begin Checkout’. Enter your IKEA Family number at check-out before finalising payment.
This reward voucher can only be redeemed once. The minimum spend to redeem the voucher is $10.

c. Can I get more than one $10 reward within a quarter if I had spent more than $200 from the previous quarter? No. There will only be ONE $10 voucher sent to each member when you’ve spent $100 or more within a quarter. Even if you had spent $300 in a given quarter, members are only entitled to receive the $10 reward once per quarter. If you have met the requirements, you will receive an email at the beginning of each quarter about your $10 reward.

d. I’ve spent over $100 in a quarter but haven’t received my reward voucher yet. The $10 reward will be delivered via email to those members that have met the spend threshold and have subscribed to email communication from IKEA. The reward voucher will be sent to the email address registered to that member at the time of reward voucher send. To receive your reward voucher, make sure you have opted in to promotional marketing emails from IKEA in order to receive our communications. If you’re not opted in, please log into My Account and update your communication preference by ticking the ‘opt into email channel’ box. The email will be sent to members who have a valid email address.

e. I previously unsubscribed to emails from IKEA. Can I still receive my reward voucher? The $10 reward voucher will only be sent to members that have spent $100 or more within a quarter and are opted-in to email communication from IKEA with a valid email address at the time the reward voucher is sent. IKEA is unable to provide the member with their reward voucher if the member was unsubscribed to marketing emails from IKEA or provided an incorrect email address.

f. Can the $10 reward be used multiple times within that quarter in-store and online? No. A $10 Voucher can only be redeemed once either in-store or online during the following quarter. Once you’ve redeemed it, you won’t be able to redeem this voucher again in the same quarter.

g. What is excluded in the $10 reward and can the $10 reward be used with any other vouchers? The $10 reward cannot be redeemed for IKEA gift cards and services such as Picking, Delivery, Assembly, Installation and Mattress & Sofa take-back/recycling. It also excludes both the purchase of IKEA gift cards and cannot be used when an IKEA gift card is used as a payment method. The $10 reward cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional code and/or discount. Only one voucher can be used in one purchase, even you have earned multiple vouchers from different campaigns.

h. Can I choose how much of the $10 reward I want to redeem? No. A $10 reward must be 100% redeemed in a single transaction within an eligible quarter. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash or credit and cannot be used to purchase gift cards.

i. Is there a minimum amount I have to spend to redeem the $10 reward? Yes. A $10 minimum spend is required for you to redeem the $10 reward.

j. Where can I redeem the $10 reward? You can redeem the $10 reward at any IKEA store in Australia including the IKEA restaurants, bistro, café and Swedish Market Food Hall, as well as IKEA online.

k. What if I forgot to redeem my $10 reward in the quarter? Can I use it in the next quarter? No. If you haven’t redeemed the $10 reward within that quarter, the $10 reward voucher will expire by the end of that quarter. Reward vouchers won’t carry-over so make sure you use your $10 reward in the correct spend quarter.

Exclusive birthday treat

a. How do I redeem my birthday cake? We love to celebrate your birthday with you! During your birthday month, you will get an email from us about a birthday treat if you are opted into the email channel. All you need to do is to present that email to our staff and scan your IKEA Family card at the counter to redeem your birthday cake treat. Conditions apply.

b. I previously received a birthday treat from IKEA Family but noticed I don’t get it anymore? Have you changed your email address? Is your inbox full? Make sure you’ve given us the most up-to-date email address to enable us to send you your yummy birthday treat. To update your details, login your profile and ‘save changes’.

Home and Assembly Assurance

a. What do I get from the ‘Home and Assembly Assurance’? As a member, you get product assurance against any accidental damage on the way home or whilst assembling. The insurance is valid on any purchase and not just items with an IKEA Family price. IKEA Family membership details must be presented at time of purchase. To claim home and assembly assurance please visit the store within 14 days of the date of purchase with the item, your IKEA Family membership details and your receipt. Assurance can only be claimed in store, not by contacting Customer Service by phone, email or online. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

b. Can I exchange items which have been damaged during assembly over the phone or do I need to visit the store? You must return the damaged product to an IKEA store to have the product or piece replaced.

c. I’ve purchased a delivery service but assembles the item myself. Am I covered by the home and assembly assurance? In this case, you would be covered for the assembly only. This benefit is only available when you home and assemble the product yourself.

Exclusive workshops & events

a. Where do I find out about upcoming workshops at an IKEA store? Visit the IKEA Australia website and click ”IKEA Family” on the top menu bar Click ‘Workshops’ on the top of that page’s menu. Alternatively visit our workshop page here and select your local store, then all the upcoming events for your chosen local store will be shown on the page.

b. How can I register to attend a workshop? All workshops are exclusive to IKEA Family members only, so if you would like to join our workshops, you have to be an IKEA Family member. You can sign up here today for our events, or if you are our existing IKEA Family member, please login first and then secure your seats for any workshops.

c. How do I know if I have registered to a workshop successfully? When you are on the workshop page, you can find more information about the event including the number of remaining spots for the workshop, workshop fees (if there’s any) and workshop details. After your registration to a workshop, you will get an automated confirmation email about your registration. You can also select to receive a reminder email at the registration page. If you would like to change or cancel your registration, please log into your account and visit the workshop page.


a. How can I secure a spot for my child at Småland before going to the IKEA store? As an IKEA Family member, you are able to pre-book a spot online for your child to play in Småland, up to one day prior to coming to store, subject to availability. To book a spot, visit the Workshops and events page online. You also have the option to extend your booking with an additional 30 minutes per visit if you would like your child to have more fun, subject to availability on the day. You are required to present your IKEA Family card to validate your booking and the usual Småland entry processes apply.

b. Can I pre-book Småland during weekends, public holidays or school holidays? Unfortunately this service is unable during weekends, public holidays and school holidays.

c. I haven’t pre-booked a spot at Småland but still want the additional 30 minutes. Is that possible? Yes, as a member you can receive 30 minutes additional time during weekdays and excluding public holidays or school holidays, subject to availability. Simply show your IKEA Family membership when signing in your child.

d. What if I pre-book it and get to the store late, will my spot be held? Your spot will be held for 10 minutes from the start of the booking, after which the booking will be released.

Charity donation

a. What I can do to contribute to the charity donation at IKEA? Thank you for your generosity. Every time you scan your IKEA Family card at checkouts instore and online, IKEA donates 10c per scan to help a not-for-profit charity.

b. How much does IKEA donate to a non-profit charity each year? We donate a max of $200,000 per annum (nationally, total) to a not-for-profit charity.

c. What is the charity IKEA is donating to? To see which charity IKEA is donating to this year, visit IKEA.com.au/Family