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Whether you're after some help planning a total kitchen renovation or just a little design inspiration, we've got a planning tool to help you achieve a look you'll love. Explore the tools below and let's get planning!

  • Sofas
  • Storage
  • Office furniture
  • Wardrobes and mattress
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchens
  • Dining

Create a customised sofa solution

GRÖNLID sofa planner

A good cushion is the very essence of comfort. That notion guided us when we created the GRÖNLID multi-cushion design. Arrange them into a soft, snug embrace, find the right back support, or why not build a fortress?

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KUNGSHAMN sofa planner

A corner sofa may be what you want for your living room today, and a long straight one tomorrow. Who knows? We can’t tell you when the mood will strike you, but, in case, we have you covered: KUNGSHAMN is a series of seating modules you can arrange the way you want.

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NORSBORG sofa planner

With removable, washable sofa covers there’s no need to worry over spots or spills, so everyone can really kick back and relax in the living room.

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VIMLE sofa planner

Simply being together as a family is real quality time for many people. And supporting this is the signature of the VIMLE sofa series. You can personalise with size, colour and arrangement to suit your family.

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SÖDERHAMN sofa planner

With the SÖDERHAMN series of modular sofas, you can create one that fits the way you relax. There are lots of pieces to choose from, and the deep seats and moveable back cushions make it easy to create an extra comfy combination.

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VALLENTUNA sofa planner

We all need time to ourselves. But that doesn’t mean we want to be apart from someone we love. VALLENTUNA is a modular sofa series allowing you to create personal zones while staying only an arm’s reach away.

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Create a customised storage solution

BESTÅ storage planner

BESTÅ has evolved into a multi-purpose solution across the living room. It’s modularity means you have a free hand in customising it to your needs.

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EKET storage planner

Stacked, hung or combined in multiple different possible combinations. EKET is the ultimate in fun, friendly and functional storage furniture.

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ELVARLI storage planner

See everything at once with open shelves. Or go open and hidden with shelves and soft-closing drawers. Hang a lot of clothes or none at all. Whatever you choose, you can always adapt or extend ELVARLI if you change your mind, needs or address!

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ALGOT storage planner

Whatever size space you have (and however big your clothes obsession) you can design a personal storage system to fit. Use our planning tool to mix and match shelves and baskets, rods and hooks in as many sections as you need. Then rearrange it all until you find the perfect look.

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Create a customised office space

Design your office space

Don't just put any desk and chair together, create a space which inspires you. Whether you’re heading back to school, uni or work, our solutions can help you get inspired, get organised and get ready for the year ahead

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Build your own desk

What spurs your creativity? Here’s a planning tool for you to combine top and legs to a place where you can sit down and do the stuff you love to do.

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Build your own office chair

Ergonomics comes in many styles, that’s why we’ve created this LÅNGFJÄLL office chair planner, so you can design your very own. No matter which parts from our LÅNGFJÄLL range you choose, the built-in comfort design will always be the same.

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Plan your personalised wardrobe storage system
or find the right mattress for you

PLATSA storage planner

In our homes, we all have that little corner that doesn’t get used because we can’t find the right furniture that fits in it. PLATSA is a highly customisable series of units that can be combined to create a solution that fills any space.

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PAX planner

With our PAX fitted wardrobes you choose it all. The size, colour and style. Whether you want sliding or hinged doors. And which KOMPLEMENT interior fittings to have inside, so every shoe, shirt and scarf has its place.

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Mattress selector

Five simple steps will help you choose the best mattress for you.

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Design your dream bathroom

Bathroom planner

This planning tool offers inspiration and ready-made bathroom solutions as starting points to help you design a bathroom that's perfect for you. You can also save and share your drawings until you’re ready to make your dream bathroom come true.

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Plan your dream kitchen online or get
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Kitchen planner

Planning your kitchen is when your dreams and ideas take shape. There are lots of things to think about, like where to put the fridge or how many drawers you need. That’s why we have tools and videos that’ll help you out with the perfect design. And, if you need help at any time you can visit us in-store.

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Create your own, unique dining area

Build your own dining chair

Create your own, unique dining area with personalised dining chairs, designed by you. Mix and match shapes, materials and colours and see how your ideas will look like with this simple planner tool. Have fun!

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Create a custom storage solution for your kids

STUVA Storage planner

The STUVA storage system is at the right height for children. So they find it easier to get dressed or get at their toys. There are lots of options for size, door colour and interior fittings and it’s easy to adapt your choice as your children grow older.

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