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How to use moods
A mood is a set of colour and brightness that you can apply to a group of lights. For example, a living room can have a warmer light for dinner and a brighter/cooler light for working.
You can create your own pre-set moods and control them with your IKEA Home smart app. For example, one light setting for watching TV and another for having a cosy dinner.
Watch the video to learn how to create and manage moods with the IKEA Home smart app.
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What is a Smart lighting mood?
A mood is a set of colour and brightness parameters that you can apply to a group of lights. Many moods can be associated with a group. For example, a living room can have a warmer light for dinner and a brighter/cooler light for working.
Can I change my mood settings?
You can’t change the IKEA default moods, but you can create and change your own mood settings.
How many groups and moods can be created in the IKEA Home smart app?
There is no limit to how many moods or groups you can create in the IKEA Home smart app.However, you can connect up to 100 devices to TRÅDFRI Gateway and in each group you can have a maximum of 10 light sources and 1 input device (remote, wireless dimmer, etc.). Following this logic, if a person has the maximum of devices (11) in each group, the maximum number of groups will be 9.
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How to set timers
You can set a wake up light, turn your lights on/off according to a schedule or set a timer so that the light turns on as you like – even when you’re away.
Watch these videos to learn how to set timers with the IKEA Home smart app.
How to set a wake up timer
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How to set an away from home timer
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How to set on/off timer
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Can TRÅDFRI wake me up in the morning?
Yes, by setting a “Rise and shine” timer to wake you up in the morning. The lights slowly brighten, starting 30 minutes before the time you set. During this time the light will change from warm to bright.
What are Timers and how can I set them?
In the IKEA Home smart app you have 3 different Timers: Rise and Shine to set your lights to wake you up, Away from home to set your lights to turn on and off as if you were home and ON or OFF to have your lights turned on or off exactly when you want them to.
You can also watch films on how to set them up: IKEA HOME SMART APP & GATEWAY
Common questions
Does the TRÅDFRI App cost anything?
No, TRÅDFRI App can be downloaded for free.
Download the TRÅDFRI App for iOSDownload the TRÅDFRI App for Android
How do I change the pre-set language on the app?
Go to settings (the gear icon in the upper right corner of the home screen). Then go to language settings and pick the language of your choice.
Where do I find the version number of the TRÅDFRI App?
In the TRÅDFRI App you can find the version number at the bottom of the settings page under “Clear all settings”.
In the App Store and on Google Play, there is a section called “Version” and you can find the version number there.
How many family members can simultaneously control the light sources from smart devices using the TRÅDFRI App?
The TRÅDFRI Gateway supports up to 10 smart devices connected at the same time.
If I have a non-Gateway system and want to add a TRÅDFRI Gateway, will my current smart lighting products automatically show up in the TRÅDFRI App?
No, you need to do a factory reset of your steering device and add it to your Gateway. After that, pair your light sources with that device. You will be guided step-by-step on how to do in the TRÅDFRI App.
How can I check whether I have a direct Wi-Fi connection with the gateway?
You will have an indication on the Gateway when it´s connected to your home Wi-Fi. You can watch the film “How to install TRÅDFRI gateway kit".
How do I install an update in the TRÅDFRI App?
The update is installed by accepting the update when prompted in the TRÅDFRI App.
I want to move to a new house and take my Smart lighting system with me. What can I do to reset and start over again?
There is an option in the App called “Clear All Settings” that can be used to erase all your personized settings from the system and have it go back to factory default settings.
When should I disconnect from the Gateway in the app settings and what will happen when I press it?
You would press “disconnect” from the Gateway if you want connect to another Gateway. Think about the scenario of having one Gateway at work and one at home. In order to jump from one to the other you need to “log off”. All settings (moods groups) will be stored in the Gateways, without the possibility to transfer them from one to another.
Can I control my light sources from the TRÅDFRI App when I´m not at home?
No, you can only control your light sources when you are within your Wi-Fi range (local network).
Which mobile devices are the TRÅDFRI App available for?
The TRÅDFRI App works with Android (KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0 or later) and iOS (iOS 8 or later).
What is the Gateway?
The Gateway is a small hub that connects your light sources to your TRÅDFRI App via your home Wi-Fi network, so that you can control your lights from a mobile device anywhere in your home. The TRÅDFRI App will not control your IKEA Smart lighting without the Gateway.
What do I need to use the TRÅDFRI Gateway and TRÅDFRI App?
You need to have Wi-Fi, a cable connection, an IKEA Smart lighting light source and a steering device.
TRÅDFRI remote control
Using the TRÅDFRI remote control
When you’re using the remote control, you control the brightness by clicking on the sun symbol. To change colour, you click the left/right arrow.
TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer
Using the TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer
When you’re using the wireless dimmer, you simply rotate the dimmer to control the brightness.
Since the wireless dimmer only controls brightness, you need a remote control or the TRÅDFRI App and Gateway to adjust colour temperature.
Using the TRÅDFRI App
You can adjust brightness and colour for groups of lights or individual lights directly in the TRÅDFRI App. To adjust the brightness, move the slider to the right. To adjust colour temperature move the slider to the top of the screen, increasing the percentage of warm light.
TRÅDFRI motion sensor
Using the TRÅDFRI motion sensor
If you want to change the colour/brightness for a bulb connected to the motion sensor, you need the TRÅDFRI App and Gateway.
When the motion sensor is activated, the bulb will turn ON to whatever settings were created in the TRÅDFRI App.
Common questions
How many colour temperatures can the TRÅDFRI light bulb create?
The TRÅDFRI light bulb has 3 different white colours – warm white (2700 K), warm glow (2200 K) and cool white (4000 K).
I have added a white spectrum bulb to my motion sensor. How do I set the cold/warm temperature?
You can do it in the TRÅDFRI App, meaning that you need to have a Gateway. You can control brightness and temperature in the TRÅDFRI App. Then, when the motion sensor is activated, the bulb will turn ON to whatever settings were created in the app.
What is a light group?
A light group is two or more bulbs controlled by the same steering device.
Is it possible to group TRÅDFRI light bulbs?
Yes, you can group your light bulbs in the TRÅDFRI App (connected to a TRÅDFRI gateway). You can also create a group of light bulbs (up to 10) that belong to one steering device (remote control, wireless dimmer and motion sensor).
I want to have the new light bulb in different group than my previous ones connected but I only have one steering device.
You can use your steering device to add more light bulbs to your IKEA Smart lighting system, and then create a new group in your TRÅDFRI App.
Can individual light sources have different brightness levels?
Yes, you can either use the TRÅDFRI App or each light source will need to have their own remote control or wireless dimmer.
Do IKEA Smart lighting products have a memory function?
Yes. If a light is dimmed while set to a certain colour temperature, it will remember that brightness setting when changed to the next colour.
How can I control individual light sources?
You can control individual light sources with the TRÅDFRI App. If you don’t have the TRÅDFRI App, you will need a separate steering device for each light source.
Can I turn my light on and off without using a smart device?
Yes, you can use the main power switch, steering device or the TRÅDFRI App.
Can I use normal wall circuits to steer my Smart lighting products?
Yes. The main power switch will work, but only for turning lights on and off, not for dimming or changing colour temperature.
How close do I need to be to control my lights?
You need to be within 10 meters of the light.
Do I need one steering device (remote control, wireless dimmer or motion sensor) for each light source?
No. One TRÅDFRI steering device can steer up to 10 LED light bulbs, LED panels or LED doors at a time.
How can I remove a light source from my steering device (remote control, wireless dimmer or motion sensor)?
You can watch this film for instructions: Remove bulbs, doors or panels
Where can I find the pairing button on my steering device?
For the remote control it is located under the remote control lid.
How can I return to the default setting (Factory reset)?
You can watch these films for instructions:
Security, interference & radiation risk
IKEA has applied a large amount of safety measures to make sure our products are secure and as up-to-date as possible at the time of purchase. IKEA Smart lighting products use the 128-bit AES standard, and are tested and approved in accordance with all applicable standards for wireless products.
TRÅDFRI products are not bound to any region, and will work in lamps suited to their bulb size.

The radiation is less than that of any WIFI device or mobile phone. However, if you should experience any discomfort due to electricity or radiation sensitivity, we suggest that you use the wall switch to turn off the bulbs, to render them completely powerless.
Once light sources are paired to a steering device, they can only be used together, so there is no risk that neighbouring systems will affect each other.
If other electrical appliances in your home operate on the same frequency (2.4 GHz) and are placed close together, interference is possible. However, the product has been certified according the standards in the DoC (Declaration of Conformity), and should prevent interferences.
What data are you collecting about me?
IKEA doesn’t collect any private data when you use the IKEA Smart lighting system.
Does the fuse need to be turned off when installing the light source?
No, but we recommend turning off the main power switch while installing.
Can Smart lighting products be used outdoors or in a semi-outdoor environment, such as a garage or greenhouse? Can Smart lighting products be used in a bathroom?
Generally, IKEA recommends using IP44-rated lighting bathrooms, and TRÅDFRI light bulbs can be used with these for bathroom and outdoor use. However, the TRÅDFRI steering devices (remote control, wireless dimmer or motion sensor) cannot be used in bathrooms or outdoors.
How warm do Smart lighting products get compared to regular lighting products?
The light bulb’s temperature will rise slightly when it is lit, just like regular light bulbs.
What is the energy consumption of Smart lighting products compared with other LED light bulbs and built-in LED lamps?
Different products have different energy consumption, so please check the product information on the website or packaging.
Compatibility & protocols
Can I develop the TRÅDFRI system by getting access to the systems API?
Not in the first release. But IKEA is working towards an open system.
Which protocols are the Smart lighting products using?
Our Smart lighting products use the ZigBee Light Link. You can find more information at
Are IKEA Smart lighting products compatible with other ZigBee products?
The IKEA Smart lighting products are certified as ZigBee Light Link and are compatible with other products according to the ZigBee Alliance. You can find more information at
How does IKEA Smart lighting work with my existing wired lighting system?
IKEA Smart lighting works in any standard electrical light outlet suitable for the bulb sizes provided. TRÅDFRI smart lighting can not however be used with a wired dimmer connection. You can always turn the light on and off using the wall switch connected to the lamp using TRÅDFRI light sources, or the lamp switch itself. This should not affect the bulbs’ pairing with any steering device.
Can I purchase more TRÅDFRI products over time and integrate them with my existing IKEA Smart lighting system?
Yes. You can purchase additional solitary and pre-paired kits from IKEA. They will work with the IKEA TRÅDFRI App and Gateway system.
Can I use other IKEA light bulbs in the Smart lighting system?
No, only TRÅDFRI light bulbs will work.
Can I add another TRÅDFRI light bulb, SURTE door, JORMLIEN door or FLOALT panel to my system?
Yes, you can expand your Smart lighting system. Watch the films to see how easy it is:
What happens if you try to use a TRÅDFRI light bulb with an analogue dimmer?
The light bulb will not work with a wired dimmer. It will flicker, buzz or shut off when it is connected.
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