A tray with a pattern of funny birds in black and white.
Put a smile on your everyday
ÖNSKEDRÖM collection is the result of a dream-collaboration with one of Sweden’s most prominent graphic designers - Olle Eksell. We feel proud to be able to bring his playful spirit and charming illustrations on products that many people use every day.This new collection is mainly about three different motifs by Olle Eksell, each with a sweet story behind. His illustrations appear on a range of products from small artcards, coasters, trays and mugs to larger rugs, bedlinen, metre fabric and posters. You could say that it’s design that makes you happy - to inspire more everyday moments of smiles.
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Read about Olle Eksell
A picture of Markus Engman design manager at IKEA.
“Our hope is that some of Olle’s happiness will rub off on everyone’s everyday life.”
Markus Engman
Design Manager IKEA of Sweden
A white metre fabric with stripes in yellow, orange, blue, green and pink.
A display of quilt cover, pillowcases, fabric and boxes with a fun pattern of playing children.
Edward and the horse
Meet the little city boy Edward who loves horses and how it leads him into wonderful adventures. Motif from the Olle Eksell children’s book “Edward and the Horse”.
A display of cushions, art cards, trays and paper napkins with patterns of funny birds.
Happy birds, sad birds, birds as hippies...
When the artist Olle Eksell drew birds, he suddenly managed to capture people’s characters.
A display of cushions, posters and rugs with patterns of matches.
The paper ignites the colour
For many years these wonderful matches have been gathering dust in a drawer. Now they’re finally brought to life on some brand new IKEA products.
A book about Olle Eksell, the artist, illustrator, author and designer.
Olle Eksell - of course!
Here at IKEA, we are fascinated by design and designers. What is their creativity like, and what can we learn from them? We believe it is equally important to be interested in our present and our future, as in our past. In this book, be inspired by the designer Olle Eksell. A true visionary driven by joy, imagination and curiosity!
A picture of Olle Eksell, the artist, illustrator, author and designer.
Olle Eksell (1918-2007) was one of Sweden’s most prominent graphic designers. He designed an iconic logo for a famous Swedish cocoa brand in 1956, drew hundreds of book covers, posters and fabric patterns, and wrote books on design. Such astonishing versatility makes Olle Eksell a unique figure in the history of Swedish design. His positive, ingenious and happy rebel spirit is also something we at IKEA feel deeply connected to.