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The 2020 IKEA Catalogue is here!
Look forward to new ideas
and sweeter dreams
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Sleep, glorious sleep! We believe that a good night’s rest will absolutely improve your life, and that a few changes at home can help make it happen.
In this year’s Catalogue, you’ll find everything you need to get closer to a better bedtime. Available in-store and online 1 September.
Collect a copy of the Catalogue at your local IKEA store.

SYMFONISK Wifi Speakers

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MALM Bedframe white

Make your sleep space work for you with furniture, textiles
and smart storage to keep your bedroom cosy

GODMORGON Bathroom vanity

Create a space for a bit of pampering too? Think sleek storage,
plush towels and accessories to start every day with style...

APPLARO lounger

Our children’s range is the same great quality, just specially-made
(and safe) for young ones as they eat, sleep, play and grow

IKEA PS Cabinet

Whether it’s morning meet-ups, cosy evenings on the sofa, we can
help you make it your perfect space for life

APPLARO lounger

We’ve got things covered in the kitchen for every cooking style—from modular storage, to efficient appliances and high-quality cookware.

IKEA PS Cabinet

Our dining and eating products are made to suit different styles and budgets, and they’re great to share too.

APPLARO lounger

Set your workspace up for success — chairs and stools that are supportive in all the right ways and storage solutions that make everything you need easy to find.

IKEA PS Cabinet

We have a range of outdoor basics for planning your comfy
outdoor hangout regardless of what the thermometer says or how much space you have.

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