The first IKEA restaurant
The first IKEA restaurant opens in the IKEA store in Älmhult, Sweden.


ÖGLA chair on sale
The ÖGLA cafe chair is launched with the IKEA concepts of form, function and price in mind. Today it is made of composite plastic for a modern look.
Product testing begins
IKEA begins quality testing its products using Swedish testing standards. To read more, please visit Products and materials.


Marian Grabinski designs the MTP bookcase
The MTP bookcase is a contemporary classic and will see numerous imitations over the years. Developing this and other wooden products develops strong relationships between IKEA and Polish suppliers during the 1960s. These relationships continue today and are an important reason for IKEA maintaining low prices so that the many people can afford them.


IKEA arrives in Norway
The first IKEA store outside Sweden opens in Oslo.


Largest IKEA store opens in Stockholm, Sweden
Thousands of people queue for the opening of the 31,000 square metres flagship store, IKEA Kungens Kurva. The store has a circular design, inspired by New York's Guggenheim Museum. The store's success leads to the opening of a self-serve warehouse - an important part of the IKEA concept is born. Additionally, Accenten is opened, where customers can buy quality cooking items at a low price.


Particleboard makes its mark
This inexpensive, hard-wearing and easy-to-process material is a natural fit for IKEA. In 1969, the PRIVAT sofa is designed by architect Åke Fribryter. It has a particleboard base with a white lacquer finish and brown floral cretonne covers by textile artist Sven Fristedt. The straight lines, no-nonsense practicality and unbeatable low price are a tremendously successful combination.


IKEA arrives in Denmark
The first IKEA store opens in Copenhagen.


IKEA arrives in Switzerland
The first IKEA store outside Scandinavia opens in Zurich.
Denim used for furniture
TAJT, a multifunctional seat/recliner, is one of many good examples of how IKEA sometimes does things differently. By using a low-cost raw material from another industry, in this case denim, a hard-wearing and low-priced product is created.


SKOPA chair raises eyebrows
Choosing a manufacturer for the SKOPA chair, designed by Olle Gjerlöv-Knudsen and Torben Lind, is wonderfully simple, even if it raises a few eyebrows. SKOPA is developed by a supplier that usually makes plastic buckets and bowls, creating a chair in which form and function are not compromised by an unorthodox solution.
IKEA arrives in Germany
The first IKEA store opens in Munich. The success in Switzerland paves the way for a rapid expansion into Germany, which today is IKEA's largest market.


IKEA arrives in Australia
The first IKEA store opens in Sydney.


POEM is launched (later known as POÄNG)
Another IKEA classic is born, the comfortable armchair POEM made of laminated wood, which will later evolve into POÄNG.
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The Testament of a Furniture Dealer
Ingvar Kamprad writes The Testament of a Furniture Dealer and in 1976 it is published - it documents IKEA's vision and business idea and has a strong influence on the development and vitality of IKEA's culture.
IKEA arrives in Canada
The first IKEA store opens in Vancouver.


IKEA arrives in Austria
The first IKEA store opens in Vienna.


BILLY bookcase is born
The BILLY bookcase is introduced into the range - an IKEA classic.
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IKEA arrives in the Netherlands
The first IKEA store opens in Rotterdam.