Meatballs and potatoes
Salmon course

Swedish meatballs, knäckebröd and six kinds of herring

Shopping is hard work, and while pickled herring may not be at the top of everyone’s wish list at mealtime (unless you’re Swedish), we’re pretty sure you’ll find something you like on our menu. Fresh, tasty, well-prepared and affordable is our food philosophy.
Easy-to-prepare meals

Enjoy your visit longer. Take home delicious specialties and quick-to-prepare Swedish meals.
Hot dog

One more thing before you go

Stop by the bistro on your way out and refuel before you hit the road. Here you will find hot dogs, ice cream and more.
Quiet days at IKEA
IKEA store with flags outside
If you like crowds, shop on our busy days. If not, find out when your store is less busy.
Off-peak hours
It all started in Småland
Field in Småland
Find out how a simple business idea turned into a worldwide organization.
Our roots
Can we help?
Paid services
You can hire us for assembly, delivery, installation and more.
Paid services


The Swedish word for crispbread, and a lot more fun to pronounce.

Free ice cream with children’s meals

Girl in restaurant
Soft ice cream is free when you order a children’s meal in the restaurant.

We only serve and sell UTZ certified coffee

Man picking coffee beans
UTZ (Mayan for “good”) coffee is grown with care for people and the environment.