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Women change the world

Women are key to improving the well-being of children and achieving lasting change in society. This is why all the programmes that IKEA Foundation supports include community-based actions that empower women to create a better future for themselves, their children and their communities.
Women outdoor

Gaining strength and making decisions

Regular women-only meetings with the self-help group allow for openhearted discussions. Topics range from why children should go to school to how to afford a water pump in their village.
Women outdoor

Learning about health and diet

Local motivators teach village women about sanitation, health and diet, and how to have a say in their own lives and improve their children’s prospects.

Learning business skills

Women in the village learn how to run successful businesses. They learn how to evaluate their ideas, make business deals, get access to services and gain control over their resources. They also receive training in financial literacy and leadership.

Better access to money

Access to controlled micro-credit schemes can be the means to starting a small business. Encouraging women’s groups to save small amounts in a joint bank account for emergencies is an effective way of avoiding spiralling debt for families.

Why mothers?

Children whose mothers have no education are more than twice as likely to die before their first birthday as children whose mothers have completed at least 10 years of school.

- UNICEF 2010

Taking action

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Safe water, clean hands

Safe water
IKEA Foundation supports programmes that educate families about better hygiene