School, not work, for children

Between 2009 and 2015, some 10 million children will benefit from IKEA Foundation supported education programmes managed by UNICEF and Save the Children.
Children in school

Changing attitudes to education

IKEA Foundation promotes education to parents and communities. Women’s self-help groups and girls’ collectives help to strengthen children’s rights and prevent child labour while at the same time they learn to influence their communities to make sure children go to school.
Children in school

Getting children into school

Many children who have dropped out of school, or who never had the chance to go to school at all, need access to quality education. Informal “bridge schools” have successfully equipped children of different ages with basic reading, writing and maths skills before easing them into the conventional school system.
Children in school

Improving the quality of education

To encourage children to go to school – and stay in school – the school environment has to be safe, child-friendly and free of violence. Teachers are being trained in child-friendly teaching techniques, and learning aids are being introduced and promoted. Parents are also encouraged to get involved in their children’s schooling.

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Women change the world
Nearly 69 million children are not enrolled in school.
Every child has the right to education, no matter which part of the world they live in. Education is vital to every child’s development and opportunities in life.

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