Home delivery Policy

Delivery charges

Important information:
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  1. Please ensure that someone is at home at the designated delivery day and time.
  2. Please ensure that electricity and A/C are available and in working status before the delivery date.
  3. The product must be able to enter the house in their original packaging. In case of an apartment, the products must be able to fit in the elevator, hallway, and through the door of the apartment.
  4. IKEA will not deliver the product using the stairway to avoid the product being damaged, to avoid accidents and injuries to our Delivery and Assembly Co-workers.
  5. No accessories (e.g. mirrors, picture frames) will be fixed to the wall.
  6. We do not fix wall shelves and lights
  7. Please make sure that all obstacles in the way, such as paintings, cabinets & other hanging objects are removed.
  8. AS IS items and Markethall items (mirrors, lights, picture frames, breakable items, etc.) will not be delivered.
  9. IKEA shall not dismantle or shift existing IKEA or non-IKEA furniture at the customer’s place.
  10. Due to stability and safety issues, wall cabinets will only be mounted on concrete walls.
  11. Please call or notify Home Delivery Department one day (48 hours) in advance for rescheduling. Telephone number: 02-4935888 (Abu Dhabi) and 042037656/042037657 (Dubai) or use the contact us form.