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How to shop at IKEA

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Paying online
We accept the following payment methods:
  • Credit Cards - MasterCard or VISA or JCB
  • Debit Cards - MasterCard or VISA if the issuing bank allow online payments
How do I make a payment on the website?
When you have finished adding products to your basket you can proceed to the Checkout. Follow the steps on-screen and confirm your details are correct. We will send you Temporary Order Confirmation via email.
We will contact you by phone within the next 48 hours to confirm your order, quote delivery costs and process payment.
How secure is online shopping with IKEA?
IKEA is committed to ensuring your personal details are kept safe at all times. We use a number of fraud prevention measures. You will be asked to provide information to ensure that your card is not being used fraudulently online. Examples IKEA uses include the security code, printed as the last three digits on the signature strip on the back of your card, and 3D Secure codes used by VISA and MASTERCARD. You can register for 3D secure with your card issuer.
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Online Shopping process
  1. Online orders on www.IKEA.ae are delivered only to locations within the United Arab Emirates (however, not in some restricted areas).
  2. Online orders are not eligible for discounts.
  3. Delivery date and time are not mentioned online, this will be communicated to you when we call to confirm your order.
  4. Once the payment is made, shipments for Dubai, Sharjah will be delivered within seven (7) working days; shipments for other Emirates will be after ten (10) working days. For Abu Dhabi City - four (4) working days and outstation Abu Dhabi seven (7) working days
  5. You will receive an email/telephone call once your order is processed or a notification will be received if in case of cancellation.
  6. An online order is a maximum of 5 of the same article; your order will be discussed with you during telephone / email confirmation. Should you wish to place a larger bulk order please refer to our IKEA Business Dept. Contact us
  7. Bed slats is not included when you order a bed and needs to be added separately.
  8. The payment need to be proceeded in 12 hours after the customer service agent call, after that we don’t insure the stocks availability.

Below is delivery/assembly cost

From Dubai Store

Area Delivery Only Delivery/Assembly Kitchen Delivery/Assembly
Dubai/Sharjah AED 90 AED 190 AED 190
Outstation (Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ajman, Umm Al Quain, RAK, Fujairah, Hatta) AED 100 AED 350 AED 350
A picking charge of AED 100 applies to all orders

From Abu Dhabi Store

Area Delivery Only Delivery/Assembly Kitchen Delivery/Assembly
Abu Dhabi AED 90 AED 190 AED 190
Outstation (Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, Umm Al Quain, RAK, Fujairah, Hatta) AED 100 AED 350 AED 350
A picking charge of AED 100 applies to all orders

From Al Ain Store

Area Delivery Only Delivery/Assembly Kitchen Delivery/Assembly
Al Ain AED 90 AED 190 AED 190
Outstation (Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quain, RAK, Fujairah, Hatta) AED 100 AED 350 AED 350
A picking charge of AED 100 applies to all orders

Restricted Areas :

Madainat Zayed, Al Ruwais, Beda zayed, Ghayati, Habshan, Liwa, Tarif and AL Sillah, Al Aqaa, Al Geer, Al Buraimi, Al Wagan
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Home Delivery policy
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  1. Please ensure that someone is at home at the designated delivery day and time.
  2. Please ensure that electricity and A/C are available and in working status before the delivery date.
  3. The product must be able to enter the house in their original packaging. In case of an apartment, the products must be able to fit in the elevator, hallway, and through the door of the apartment.
  4. IKEA will not deliver the product using the stairway to avoid the product being damaged, to avoid accidents and injuries to our Delivery and Assembly Co-workers.
  5. No accessories (e.g. mirrors, picture frames) will be fixed to the wall.
  6. We do not fix wall shelves and lights
  7. Please make sure that all obstacles in the way, such as paintings, cabinets & other hanging objects are removed.
  8. AS IS items and Markethall items (mirrors, lights, picture frames, breakable items, etc.) will not be delivered.
  9. IKEA shall not dismantle or shift existing IKEA or non-IKEA furniture at the customer’s place.
  10. Due to stability and safety issues, wall cabinets will only be mounted on concrete walls.
  11. Please call or notify Home Delivery Department one day (48 hours) in advance for rescheduling.
    Telephone number: 02-4935888 (Abu Dhabi) and 042037656/042037657 (Dubai) or visit contact us page.
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Privacy policy
When shopping and buying online from IKEA you will be asked to read our privacy policy. It explains that any details given to IKEA are secure.
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What if my card is declined?
IKEA will only decline a transaction on the advice of your issuing bank. It may be that you have insufficient funds in your account, that your card has been blocked because of unusual or suspicious activity, or that the details you have provided do not match those held by your issuing bank. In each case, you should contact your card issuer or use an alternative payment method.
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Why do we only refund to the same payment card?
It is a condition of the card schemes (e.g. VISA, Mastercard) that all refunds must be processed on the same card used to make the original payment. This is to help reduce fraudulent activity. IKEA must comply fully with all card scheme rules in order to be able to accept these card types.
For more details about our Return policy, please click here.
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Data protection
If you wish to talk to us about your online order please note that we are only able to talk to the person who placed the order. If you’d like us to talk to someone else regarding your order, a family member for example, then please contact us and we’ll add their details to your order.