AVSIKTLIG collection

Display of a collection consisting of cushions with colourful patterns, towels with white, green, blue and black stripes, sofa cover with blue geometric pattern, pre-cut fabrics with green palm trees, white/blue brick pattern and white/black square pattern.
A new beginning
Forget about nostalgia. When the iconic design collective 10-gruppen moves in to IKEA it’s with patterns that are just as bold today as when they first started out 45 years ago.
A poster with stripes of many different patterns in blue, black, green and white. Shown on top of a rug with black, blue and white stripes.Close-up of pillowcases and quilt covers featuring organic shaped pattern in light green and blue, seen from above.A table, seen from above, set with white plates and mugs featuring irregular black dot patterns.
AVSIKTLIG – a collection of 14 fabulous patterns that fuses the past and the present.
Made by 10-gruppen in collaboration with three young IKEA designers.
Proving that it’s possible to celebrate history and still be super contemporary.
In 2015 the remaining members of 10-gruppen decided that it was time for a change. After 45 super creative years, and despite still going strong, the iconic Swedish design collective wanted to pass on the torch – and their design treasure. IKEA got the opportunity, was deeply, truly honoured, and jumped at it.
A woman holding a poster with stripes of many different patterns in blue, black, green and white.
Available May 2017
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Three female designers from IKEA, looking at various textile patterns.
A new-old collaboration
Over the years IKEA and members of 10-gruppen have collaborated in lots of ways. (The first time for a collection as far back as in 1979 – which meant something of a breakthrough for 10-gruppen.) The bright, playful and bold textile patterns that signifiy the collective have made an everlasting imprint. Those same loud patterns once challenged what was considered good taste.
“10-gruppen has always been one of my greatest influences. I absolutely love their design style, it’s bold colourful and geometric in its expression. Their patterns still feel modern and bold, like a pattern explosion."
- Ida Pettersson, designer IKEA
The IKEA designers Ida Pettersson, Hanna Dalrot and Iina Vuorivirta in collaboration with Tom Hedqvist, co-founder 10-gruppen
A black/white photo of a man standing in front of large wall textiles with palm trees, horses and birds.
The power of pattern
At the start, in the beginning of the 1970’s, 10-gruppen was part of the anti-establishment force of the time, turning against the current aesthetic ideals. The members were united in their belief in the impact of textile patterns.
“Our ambition was to clean up the design swamp...We wanted to create a better world without war using colours, patterns and music.”
— Carl Johan De Geer, co-founder 10-gruppen
Carl Johan De Geer, 1979
“As a child I was taught not to mix spots, stripes, checks and bright colours. It was considered poor taste. For me it became a political issue.”
An old poster from 1979, with an armchair in bright colours and different patterns drawn by coloured pencils.A black/white photo of a woman sitting in front of a wall textile with big flowers inside squares.Close-up of a woman making a white geometric pattern on a black fabric.
A new set of rules
The original members of 10-gruppen consisted of Stockholm-based designers and artists, with individually different expressions and strong personalities. The first collection was promoted with a poster that read like a manifesto and explained that the members were disappointed with the troubled Swedish textile industry and were looking for work in Sweden and abroad.
“Taking matters into your own hands was a sign of the times. We didn’t want to accept that there were companies and producers that didn’t believe in us. Instead we got to work and proved ourselves that way.”
- Tom Hedqvist
10-gruppen always promoted their collections with a poster, here from 1979.
Inez Svensson, 1967. Photo byline. Can be found in the book.
Geometry by Ingela Håkansson Lamm.
Without fear
Initially business went slow, but the members, who all made their living elsewhere, kept their fearless attitude. At the helm was Inez Svensson, who had invaluable contacts from her work as a designer and head of purchasing at Borås Wäfveri. She was the only one who was already an established name in the business.
“Inez had the kind of commanding presence that the rest of us didn’t in those days. She knew exactly how to talk to the old men in the industry and had a wonderful, bizarre sense of humour.”
- Britt-Marie Christoffersson
Forever young
No matter how many years they’ve been in business, and regardless of their own age, the members of 10-gruppen have always managed to stay relevant, bold and contemporary. And the ambitions didn’t diminish with time. During their last 15 years, 2000-2015, the group went from being a design group with its own shop to a design agency with assignments for international fashion companies and furniture makers.
“We’ve always felt that we have the young audience with us. Our design style is perceived as being vital and youthful. Once a film school came to the shop to make a documentary about young designers – and we were aged between 60 and 70 at the time!”
- Ingela Håkansson Lamm
Close-up of a woman holding fabrics in various colours and patterns.
Dynamic partnerships
The work for 10-gruppen was always to a large part based on voluntary efforts. Over the years members of the original ten left, to go off on other adventures. Luckily enough the design collective was always surrounded by gifted kindred spirits - just like in the case of AVSIKTLIG.
“When the group diminished in the 1990’s, it felt only natural to invite guest designers, and that’s a tradition I wanted to take into the new collection.”
- Tom Hedqvist
A poster with stripes of many different patterns in blue, black, green and white.
AVSIKTLIG in the house
And so we’re back where we started, in the present day and with the AVSIKTLIG collection that’s the result of the all new-old collaboration between 10-gruppen and IKEA. Under the guidance of Tom Hedqvist and in collaboration with previous and present 10-gruppen members, external artist Kristina Abelli Elander, designer Anders Wenngren and the three IKEA-designers Hanna Dalrot, Ida Pettersson and Iina Vuorivirta, the playful fusion of past and present has had a super contemporary result.
“I really like the dynamics of the collection. All of the patterns are individually strong and you can tell that they are made by different designers with different preferences. Still they make a great whole.”
- Hanna Dalrot, designer IKEA
“10-gruppen represents the very best of Scandinavian design history – democratic ideals, aesthetic innovation and an unbeatable feeling for materials. Their design style has not aged a second; it’s youthful, radical and as bold today as it was in the 1970's.”
- Marcus Engman, Design Manager, IKEA of Sweden
AVSIKTLIG collection will be available in May 2017