Living Room Department

Ordering online from IKEA SA or WA is now easier than ever.

To start, you can search for the products you want to purchase in different ways.

You can search via the ‘room’ you wish to furnish, for example, kitchen or bedroom. Searching for your products in this way will allow you to see all the products and will provide lots of inspiration for your new room. You can also select product categories which will allow you to see all our products in a specific range, for example coffee tables.

You can also use the search window at the top of any page.
Product Information

When you select your product you're taken to the product information page - if the product has more than one colour or size there will be a drop down menu. Click the option you want and the price and product information will update accordingly.

Now specify the quantity you require and click the blue ‘add to shopping cart' button
Back to shopping

You can now view your shopping cart or close the window and continue browsing
Begin Checkout

When you’re ready to finalise your order, you can select ‘My Shopping Cart’ from the header that’s on every page

Now you’ll see everything you’ve added to your cart and you have the opportunity to change quantities, delete some items or even add some more! When you’re happy with what’s in your cart, click on the blue 'begin checkout' button.

You can now create a profile here or simply shop as a guest

If you're shopping as a guest, enter your delivery details next or if you've logged in, your details will show automatically.

Review your order, check the delivery information again and then simply check the box to accept our terms and conditions and click on the ‘place your order’ button

Pay online
You can pay online for most orders; just enter your credit card details and accept the terms and conditions. You'll see the method of delivery (parcel or courier truck) prior to finalising the order.

In some instances we'll need to calculate your service and delivery charges manually - in this case, you'll receive a temporary order confirmation and we'll call you within one business day to advise total costs and process your payment over the phone.

Thank you for your order!

If you don't have a profile already, you can create one here.