Before you go

Make a list of anything you may need for your home. You'll be surprised how much variety there is at the IKEA stores. Take measurements of spaces you want to fill with furniture. And be sure there's room in your car. You'll need it.


Make yourself at home IKEA stores are huge home furnishings exhibitions. Stretch out on a bed, see how many people you can fit on a sofa, or let your children choose furniture for their rooms. Our room settings are built entirely from IKEA products, and will give you inspired ideas for furnishing, lighting and decorating your home.

Talk to our sales co-workers Every area in the showroom has a sales desk where a specialist can answer your questions or offer you home furnishing advice.

We're proud of our prices Everything at the store has a price tag. Our tags have important information about size, colour, material, measurements, features and care. Tags on large items tell you where to pick them up in the self-serve furniture area.

Market Hall

The market hall is just what it sounds like: many different specialty shops gathered together. You'll find everything from rugs to textiles to picture frames and clocks. You'll also see all kinds of home lighting, everything you need for your kitchen and countless unique gifts you can give to others - or keep for yourself.

IKEA Restaurant

At the IKEA restaurant you can take a break from the hard work of shopping. You can even start your day at IKEA with breakfast. Or why not have coffee and cake in the afternoon. In the restaurant you'll find healthy Swedish and local daily dishes made from high quality fresh produce. You can use our highchairs and baby change stations for the little ones. And while the grown-ups rest for a few minutes after lunch, the kids can have fun in the children's play area.

IKEA for kids

Let the kids play while you shop Let's face it - kids don't exactly love shopping. Drop them off at the IKEA supervised play area and shop in peace. This way, everyone's happy. Or if you want them to help make furnishing decisions, strollers are available at the entrance.

Children's furnishings The most important people in the world deserve furnishings made just for them. You'll find plenty of colourful, playful products for kids' rooms. And of course, lots and lots of toys.

Care and feeding of kids If your kids aren't happy, you're not happy. Especially when you're shopping together. IKEA provides feeding and changing rooms for small children. And our restaurant has a special menu just for kids.

Bring home a taste of Sweden!

If you get a taste for our famous meatballs, don't forget to bring home some treats from the Swedish food market. Everything you need for a full family dinner - in a snap.

Self-serve area

On your way to the check-out, you'll pass through the self-serve area. This is where you pick up the flat-packed furnishing items you saw earlier in the room settings. Picking up your purchases is an important part of the IKEA’s approach to customer involvement. Specifically, if you can do simple things like pick up your purchases and assemble them at home, we'll keep prices low. Of course, there is always someone available to give you a hand if you need it.

Flat is good Another way we keep prices so low is by packing and shipping items in flat packages. This also makes it easy to get items from the IKEA stores to your house.

Trolleys for everyone There are plenty of trolleys available to help you bring your purchases to your car. Or you can bring your car to your purchases by pulling up to our customer loading area.

How to pay

Our cashiers accept cash, VISA, MasterCard and cheques with the appropriate ID. And of course, IKEA Gift Cards. Sorry, we do not accept American Express or Diners.