Working conditions

IKEA products must be manufactured under acceptable working conditions by suppliers who take responsibility for the environment. The best way of influencing and contributing to positive development is to maintain close, long-term relationships with our suppliers. By supporting suppliers we want to motivate them to take more responsibility for people and the environment.

IKEA co-workers on site in the factories

Our practice is to work side-by-side with our suppliers on the factory floor so we have a better understanding of their production conditions. Designers, product developers and purchasers often work on site in factories. This gives us the opportunity to influence their practices and support them in developing the competence, skills and knowledge to lead their own social and environmental initiatives.

Preventing child labour

Child labour does exist in countries where IKEA products are manufactured, but IKEA does not accept child labour at its suppliers or their sub-contractors. IKEA works actively to prevent child labour.