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IKEA Succession Programs

Why should you start your career at IKEA?

Because of the unique IKEA spirit.
We all at IKEA have chosen to work at IKEA because we share the unique company culture and values. We are passionate about our business and strive for high performance. We have fun at work and a human approach while performing.
Because at IKEA you can find your “dream job”.
At IKEA we have a big variety of jobs and unlimited development opportunities in retail, product development, supply chain and supporting functions where you can make a leadership career. IKEA is a growing international company with a local and global perspective.

Does this sound attractive to you?
We offer the following IKEA Succession Programs for a leadership career
IKEA Trainee Program
Target group: Talents at the beginning of their career (after the education) with high potential.
Goal of the program: After 12-months to become a Team Leader in Sales, Customer Relations & IKEA Food in a store.

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