Marketing and Communication

Marketing and communications

Getting our messages to the many people

Marketing allows us to reach the many people to explain the IKEA offer to them. IKEA wants to reach the many people on each local market. This is why we have jobs in marketing and communication in all IKEA retail countries, even if numbers are limited. The overall task is to build the IKEA brand and inspire people to come to the stores.

We use various channels outside the store to explain the full IKEA offer, but the starting point is always our customers’ needs. The best known channel is the IKEA Catalogue, which is developed by IKEA Communications in Älmhult, Sweden. Other important channels are IKEA websites, publications brochures, advertising and PR.

Our communication reflects IKEA values both visually and in tone of voice, so marketing and communications coworkers include art directors and copywriters, interior designers and project leaders. Together they work with the IKEA catalogue, IKEA websites, publications, brochures, advertising, internal communication and public relations.

Typical roles in this work area
Project leader
Art director
Interior designer
Web designer

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