Customer Relations

Customer relations

Specialists in customer satisfaction

We offer the lowest price, ease of shopping, the ability to take your furniture home the same day and – last, but not least – helpful, friendly and knowledgeable co-workers when you need help.

Customer relations at IKEA includes many roles inside and outside IKEA stores, from the information desk and children’s play areas to checkouts, exchange areas, returns and contact centres.

Customer relations co-workers help people find answers and prevent problems. We want our customers to come back, and the best way to do this is to make each contact with IKEA a positive experience. Whether it is before, during or after a purchase, IKEA customers should find our support and services as good as our products. We want them to trust that there is always a satisfactory solution if a problem arises.

Typical roles in this work area
Easy buying
Managing service products
Easy and fast check out

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