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Why do we
work here?

We asked some of our co-workers to reflect on their work experiences at IKEA. Watch the films and see what they said.

Strong values and endless opportunity make IKEA unique.
Watch the film and find out more about how we are different.

Living well without prestige

Hear about Bill’s reluctance to move from the USA to Sweden, and why it was one of the best decisions of his life.

Bill Wiltraut,
IKEA Lighting ambassador

Growth opportunities in Asia

IKEA has big plans for Asia! Xiao Tingting made her own journey from Shanghai to Älmhult. As a business forecaster, she is confident in a strong growth for IKEA and especially for the Asian markets.

Diane Tingting Xiao,
Demand planner

The customer’s best buddy

Katarina describes the customer relations role at IKEA. Also hear how she discovered the IKEA attitude to balancing work and family.

Katarina Ek,
Customer relations, IKEA store

Products, people and sustainability

Distribution gets products to IKEA stores and customers in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Three distribution co-workers give their personal perspectives on this IKEA work area.

Reza Shomali, Dionne Weston and Pernilla Borg,

No typical career

A sales manager for the IKEA product range, Tolga’s role influences how customers see and buy IKEA products. He points out the invaluable experience of working in an IKEA store.

Tolga Öncu,
Sales manager

Challenge is good for growth

Danell describes some of the rewards and challenges of working with people from cultures different from his (American) culture. Also hear his take on leadership within IKEA.

Danell McDowell,
Communications, Trading
Sustainability is an IKEA priority
We are changing our ways to do less harm to the environment.
People and the environment
It all started in Småland
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