Distribution services manager

"I am responsible, but not the centre of the universe."

IKEA is a complex business with all parts connected

Pär is responsible for product distribution inside an IKEA store. He has worked with IKEA for 11 years. At one point he was the resource manager hiring photographers, interior decorators and art directors for the IKEA catalogue.
"Working in different parts of IKEA has helped me to see…how the parts are connected and how complex this business is. I work with people in different parts of Sweden and in the UK, people I can’t meet on a daily basis. The challenge is to make everyone feel that their opinion counts and that they can contribute."

"As a manager, I am a team member. That means I am responsible but not the centre of the universe. There is always someone who knows more. There are always new things to learn. Which I think is why I work at IKEA."

Pär Sundqvist,
Distribution services manager, Sweden
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