A better everyday life

A better everyday life

The IKEA business idea is to offer a wide range of home furnishings with good design and function at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.
Most of the time, beautifully designed home furnishings are usually created for the few who can afford them. From the beginning, IKEA has taken a different path. We have decided to side with the many. That means responding to the home furnishing needs of people around the world: people with many different needs, tastes, dreams, aspirations and wallet sizes; people who want to improve their homes and their everyday lives.
It's not difficult to manufacture expensive fine furniture: just spend the money and let the customers pay. To manufacture beautiful, durable furniture at low prices is not so easy - it requires a different approach. It is all about finding simple solutions and saving on every method, process or approach adopted - but not on ideas.

We can't do it alone

Our business idea is based on a partnership with the customer. First we do our part, which starts with our designers working with manufacturers to find smart ways to make furniture using existing production processes. Then our buyers look all over the world for good suppliers with the most suitable raw materials. Next, we buy in bulk, on a global scale, so that we can get the best deals, and you can get the lowest price.

Then you do your part

Using the IKEA catalogue and visiting the store, you choose your furniture and pick it up at the self-serve warehouse. Because most items are flat-packed you can get them home easily, and assemble them yourself. This means we don't charge you for things you can easily do on your own. So together, we save money for a better everyday life.