The first environmental policy at IKEA
The IKEA Group develops an environmental policy to ensure that the company and its co-workers take environmental responsibility for all activities conducted within its business. To read more, please visit Our responsibility.

IKEA arrives in Hungary
The first IKEA store opens in Budapest.


IKEA arrives in the Czech Republic and Poland
The first IKEA store in former Czechoslovakia opens in Prague. The first Polish IKEA store opens in Poznan.

Swedwood – the industrial group of IKEA
IKEA acquires its own sawmills and production plants and establishes the industrial group Swedwood to produce wood-based furniture and wooden components. To read more, please visit Swedwood Group's website.


The IKEA Group becomes a member of the global forest certification organisation Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). To read more, please visit Forestry or FSC's website.


Daring to be different. A whole furniture series for children is introduced that not only meets the demands of wild childish imaginations, but also stands up to the wildest of children's games. All the products are made of tough, resilient materials and have rounded corners for safety.


The first IKEA PS collection is launched
Launched at the same time as the Furniture Fair in Milan, PS stands for POST SCRIPTUM, or the latest additions to the world of IKEA design. The IKEA PS collection is one way of sharing the design values IKEA has – form and function at a low price. IKEA PS gives designers free rein to shape the latest creations, where the aim is to create products that are emotional, fun and less predictable, appealing to those who prefer an individual taste to a common style.


IKEA arrives in Spain
The first IKEA store opens in Barcelona.

DAGIS kids chair by Richard Clack is born
Richard Clack obviously takes a long, hard look at kids before he designs this chair. Children do not have sharp corners, they are fairly soft but can stand up to a little rough and tumble now and again. So he designs his chair to suit the needs of children with one little improvement - the chairs come in stackable versions to save space and make moving them easier.


IKEA on the web
The IKEA web site www.IKEA.com is launched.

Children's IKEA is launched
IKEA offers furnishings for the entire family, but because kids are the most important people in the world, IKEA decides to develop a range specifically for them. We work with many experts to develop products that are good for the development of kids' co-ordination skills, social skills and creativity. The products we launch in 1997, and continue to sell today are chosen by the most important experts: kids themselves. Even our stores take care of children's needs by providing play areas, children's room settings, baby areas and special meals in the restaurant.

IKEA 365+ for all the days of the year
The IKEA 365+ range is launched - a range of functional, attractive everyday products for preparing, cooking, serving and eating food. The products are designed to make kitchen work easier and more enjoyable, at the same time bringing a little more beauty into everyday life with their form and colours.


IKEA arrives in China
The first IKEA store opens in Shanghai.

The first forestry manager is employed at the IKEA Group
IKEA employs its first forestry manager to work fulltime with securing sustainable use of forestry resources. To read more, please visit Forestry.


Our co-workers and stores
The IKEA group grows to 50,000 co-workers and has 158 stores in 29 countries. For current figures, please visit Facts & figures or IKEA Group stores.
A new President and CEO
Anders Dahlvig becomes President and CEO of the IKEA Group, taking over from Anders Moberg.
The Big Thank You event
The unique Big Thank You event on 9 October 1999 is a millennium reward for the many co-workers within the IKEA Group. The total of all sales on this special day, worldwide, is divided among all co-workers - in total about 84.85 million euros. It is a great way to thank hard-working IKEA co-workers for contributing to the company's ongoing success.
Improving education in Kosovo
The IKEA Group donates funds to UNICEF and Save the Children to assist in the re-building of schools, the provision of educational materials for children and the special training of teachers in war-torn Kosovo. To read more, please visit UNICEF's website.

IKEA wins international award for VÄRDE kitchen
VÄRDE is a new way of thinking about kitchens. Its unique modular design allows customers to create an entire kitchen from scratch or simply add a piece here or there. The innovative design, functionality, ergonomics, ecological compatibility and durability combined with attractive design, helps VÄRDE win the Red Dot Award for Highest Design Quality, which is organised by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Germany.