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What new IKEA store openings are scheduled?
For the latest store openings please visit IKEA Group stores
Can someone help me plan and design rooms?
Many IKEA stores offer a home decoration service if you wish to furnish an entire room or home.
IKEA also offers on-line planning tools which allow you to choose furniture to fit the exact measurements of the rooms in your home. Experiment with different combinations, swap things around and try different styles until you’re satisfied with the result. You can view and print out the best options, with all the measurement. For more information and to download the planning tools visit Download planner
How can I get large items home?
Most IKEA products are flat-packed, making them easy to transport. The IKEA store offers (or will refer you to) a home delivery service. Home delivery is not included in the product price.
Why are items sometimes out of stock?
Every effort is made to maintain the availability of items shown in the catalogue, but due to demand and supply issues some products may not always be available. Generally, IKEA can estimate when a product should be back in stock. Because IKEA products are manufactured throughout the world, there are sometimes circumstances which can cause delivery delays.
In order to ensure that the item you wish to buy is available at the store you are planning to visit please use the “buy at your local store” function for current stock availability.
What if I want to have the products assembled?
IKEA products are generally easy to assemble and require no special tools. If you prefer, most IKEA stores can refer you to a reputable, reasonably priced assembly company that can come to your home to assemble and install our products.
Can I return items?
IKEA stores offer a generous return policy. Ask for assistance at your store or look in your catalogue for details. Please do not forget to bring along your receipt and the original packaging.
What do I do if I would like to make a complaint?
If you have any complaints about our products or services, please contact your store who will be happy to solve the problem.
Where are IKEA products purchased?
More than 1,300 suppliers in over 50 countries manufacture our products.

IKEA Catalogue

What is the IKEA catalogue?
The IKEA catalogue is printed in 198 million copies in 27 languages for 38 countries. The catalogue offers not only a glimpse of the diverse IKEA product range but also affordable solutions and creative approaches to help inspire home furnishing ideas for better living.
How can I get a copy of the IKEA catalogue?
The IKEA catalogue is mass distributed annually in the area around each IKEA store. If you did not receive this year’s catalogue, stop by the IKEA store nearest you for a free copy.
When does the new catalogue come out?
The catalogue is distributed in August/September of each year and is valid for a full year. Prices are guaranteed not to increase while the catalogue is valid.
How environmentally friendly is the IKEA catalogue?
Our catalogues are printed on totally chlorine-free paper and contain at least 10-15% post-consumer waste. No rainforest or old-growth fibres are used and approximately 70% of the paper used is from certified forests.
The IKEA Group and business concept
When was IKEA founded and where does the name IKEA come from? IKEA was founded in 1943. The name is made up of the initials of our founder, Ingvar Kamprad and the first letters of the farm, Elmtaryd and the village Agunnaryd in southern Sweden where he grew up. Ingvar Kamprad was just 17 when he registered the IKEA name. To read more please visit the IKEA history pages.
Who owns the IKEA concept?
Inter IKEA Systems B.V. located in Delft, the Netherlands is the owner and franchisor of the IKEA Concept.
Can I distribute IKEA products?
Inter IKEA Systems B.V. in the Netherlands, is the owner of the IKEA concept and trademark. It has franchise agreements with every IKEA store in the world. The IKEA Group is the biggest franchisee. To read more, please visit About the IKEA Group. To read more about Inter IKEA Systems visit http://franchisor.ikea.com/index.asp
What is the IKEA Group and who owns it?
The IKEA Group consists of a number of companies, from the Swedwood industrial group to the sales companies that own individual stores. The IKEA Group develops, buys, distributes and sells IKEA products.
The IKEA Group is owned by the Stichting INGKA Foundation, which is registered in the Netherlands. To read more please visit About the IKEA Group
Why is the IKEA Group owned by a foundation?
The founder of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad, wanted to create an ownership structure and organisation that stands for long-term independence and security. That’s why the Stitching Foundation was set up in 1982 and the IKEA Group as we know it today was conceived. To read more, please visit, About the IKEA Group

What is IKEA vision and business idea?
IKEA vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. Our business idea is to offer a wide range of well-designed, functional, home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible can afford them. To read more, please visit Our business idea.

How can I find out about job opportunities within IKEA?
For current open positions or for more information about working at IKEA please visit your local country site or visit the international jobs site.
How many IKEA Group stores are there and where will new stores open?
For an updated list please visit IKEA Group stores or visit your local country site.

From which countries does IKEA purchase its products?
IKEA has more than 1,300 suppliers in more than 50 countries. All products have the label “Design and Quality, IKEA of Sweden” and the country of origin. For more information please visit Facts & Figures

How do I get a copy of the IKEA Group annual report?
The IKEA Group is not a publicly listed company and therefore, does not issue an annual report. All available annual figures and our latest Facts and Figures brochure about the IKEA Group can be found under Facts and Figures

How can I become a franchisee?
IKEA products are sold solely in stores operating the IKEA Retail System franchised by Inter IKEA Systems B.V. of the Netherlands.
Inter IKEA Systems B.V., the owner and world-wide franchisor of the IKEA Concept, aims to bring IKEA products to as many people as possible by franchising the IKEA Concept to IKEA Franchisees. Inter IKEA Systems B.V. constantly seeks market expansion, and grants new franchisees to markets/territories according to a detailed expansion plan.
Franchises are granted only to organisations and/or individuals that can secure a strong market position and market penetration in the given territory. Franchises are only granted to organisations and/or individuals that have extensive retail experience and solid local market knowledge. Opening an IKEA franchise requires a considerable investment by the IKEA franchisee.
Further information can be obtained by writing to:
Attention: Franchising
Inter IKEA Systems B.V.
Olof Palmestraat 1
NL 2616 LN Delft
The Netherlands

Fax: +31 15 215 3838

Social and Environmental Responsibility

How can I find out more about the IKEA Group’s social and environmental responsibility work?
To read more about the IKEA Group’s social and environmental responsibility projects and activities, please visit Our responsibility, or Read our materials.
How does the IKEA Group approach social and environmental issues?
IKEA low prices must never be achieved at the expense of people or the environment. That is a condition for doing good business. Our customers must always feel that the products they buy are safe to use. IKEA products must be manufactured under acceptable working conditions by suppliers who take responsibility for the environment. We do not accept child labour. The IKEA Group supports sustainable forestry and our long-term goal is to source all wood in the IKEA range from forests certified as responsibly managed.
Does IKEA have a Code of Conduct?
IKEA Code of Conduct, IWAY specifies the minimum requirements concerning protection of the environment, working conditions and child labour that we place on suppliers and describes what they can expect from us in return. IKEA has supplemented IWAY with a specific code of conduct for child labour - The IKEA Way on Preventing Child Labour. Other code of conducts include the IKEA Way on Distributing Home Furnishing Products and the IKEA Way on Purchasing Food. To read more, please visit Child labour, Forestry, Working conditions and Read our materials.
What is the IKEA Group’s position on forestry?
IKEA believes wood is an excellent material from both a functional and environmental point of view. For wood to be a good environmental choice, it should originate from responsibly managed forests. IKEA long-term goal is to source all wood in the IKEA range from forests certified as responsibly managed. We work actively with WWF and other partners to increase the availability of certified wood. Our suppliers must provide documentation to show where the wood comes from, IKEA conducts select audits and IKEA forestry specialists trace the wood from the supplier back to the forest in order to check that IKEA requirements are met. For external verification of auditing routines, IKEA works with the third-party organisation Smartwood. To read more, please visit Forestry.
Where does the IKEA Group stand when it comes to charity and sponsorships?
The IKEA Group has decided to concentrate its efforts on active partnerships rather than simply making charitable donations and undertaking sponsorships. These are primarily social projects targeting the needs of children, for which we work closely with UNICEF and Save the Children. IKEA also concentrates its efforts on environmental projects conducted in co-operation with WWF. IKEA sponsorship of local projects, educational needs and events is arranged by individual stores. For more information, please contact your local store via the IKEA country sites.

Website questions

What settings or software do I need on my computer to view the IKEA site?
The IKEA site works with all commonly used browsers on both PC and Mac platforms. For optimal viewing, we recommend Internet Explorer 7.0 or Firefox 3.0 and at least 1024x768 pixels (possible flash plug-in higher than 9.0.124)
Can I purchase IKEA products on the web?
Most countries have the possibility to order a selection of items on the web. Please check your local country site for more details.
What information is collected when I visit the site?
IKEA does not require any information to obtain access to any part of our site, unless specifically stated. We may ask for specific information in order to provide a service to you, such as sending you a catalogue. Information requested may include name, title, company, address, e-mail address and phone number.
We do anonymously track traffic patterns using cookies, in order to measure site performance and make improvements. Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your computer that are read by the browser. These cookies will be automatically deleted after you leave the site.
Can I find all IKEA products on this site?
You will find most of the products in the ordinary IKEA range on this site. In some cases you will find more products on the site that you actually can find in you nearest IKEA store. If you want to know if the product you are looking for is available in your store, please visit Stock check on your local IKEA store page.

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