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front page of the IKEA sustainability report 2011


See our approach to sustainability, the targets
we’ve set and what we’ve achieved over the last
few years in these in-depth reports.


front page of the IKEA IWAY document

IWAY, our supplier
code of conduct

With thousands of suppliers all around the world, we
need to maintain clear requirements when it comes
to environmental, social and working conditions.
These can be found in the IWAY Standard, a core part
of our supplier code of conduct.



A lot can happen in a year. For an overview of our financial results across the business, check out our Yearly Summary. If you just want to see the highlights, view our Yearly Summary 2011 film.



Unicef logo, WWF logo, Save the children logo

Our main partners

We believe that we can achieve so much
more by working with others than we
could ever do on our own. Together with
partners like Save the Children, UNICEF
and WWF we can contribute to meaningful,
substantial and lasting improvements
for people and the planet.

Save the children logo

Save the Children
We first started working with Save the Children in the
mid-nineties. The partnership aims to deliver immediate
and lasting improvements to children’s lives.
Unicef logo

We’ve been working with UNICEF for a decade on programmes that give children a better start in life – not least through access to education and healthcare.
WWF logo

It’s been ten years since we first started working with WWF on projects focusing on responsible forest management. Today, we also cooperate to improve the way cotton is cultivated and to help tackle climate change.
the facade of an IKEA store

Local partnerships
We want to be a good neighbour, so stores and other IKEA units engage in local social and environmental issues, and lend a helping hand in times of need.
Check out your local IKEA store to see what’s going
on in your area.


young student sitting on floor in classroom

The IKEA Foundation

The IKEA Foundation wants to improve opportunities for
children and youth in developing countries. Programmes
have a holistic approach to address children’s fundamental
needs. The aim is to create substantial and lasting
change, enabling them to eventually take charge of their
own future by turning the cycle of poverty into a cycle
of prosperity. Partners include the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) and the UN development programme (UNDP).
Sustainable life
at home
woman and children in IKEA kitchen
Discover products that help you live more sustainably, whether it’s saving energy or
sorting waste.
Sustainable life at home
Energy & resources
black chair in forest
Check out how we are working behind the scenes to protect some of the world’s most precious resources.
Energy & resources
People & communities
a group of female textile workers
See what we do to try to help create a better life for people and communities.
People & communities
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front page of the sustainability report 2011
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