KLÄMMIG Towel with hood, turquoise, red, 80x80 cm

125 DH

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Smooth and safe for the littlest ones
New parents throughout the world share the same focus: the desire to give their child a really good and safe start in life. This was the starting point when we developed KLÄMMIG, a collection with the most important fabrics for those first months. Fabrics which are not only functional, but also safe for your baby and sustainable in the long term for the environment.
Smooth velvet, smart jersey and soft terry towel. The KLÄMMIG collection includes bath towels, linens, sleeping bags and other products for the littlest ones. Everything in the material feels warm and comfortable against a baby's skin. Irene Odd has been involved in developing KLÄMMIG based on the needs that she and her colleagues have seen by visiting families with children throughout the world. "As a product developer, I've made many home visits, and even if traditions and surroundings seem different, new parents themselves are quite similar throughout the world. They all want to give their child the very best that the family can offer", says Irene.

Materials from more sustainable sources

For those of us who work at Children's IKEA, with many of us being parents ourselves, it's obvious that the fabrics in our products should have good quality and be safe for both the child and the environment. Since 2016, all cotton in our range comes from more sustainable sources. This means that the cotton is either recycled or has been grown with less water consumption, chemical fertilisers and pesticides than conventional cotton, while farmers receive higher profit margins. For LENAST, the collection's quilt, we've chosen to use a large amount of lyocell, an environmentally friendly material made of natural fibre. "Lyocell has good absorbency and feels comfortable since it breathes", says Irene. It’s made of fibres from the eucalyptus tree, which requires less water than conventional cotton for both its cultivation and production processes."

Reliability and functionally

Just like the rest of the range at Children's IKEA, all items in the collection have undergone rigorous safety tests all the way through the development process. "We have far more stringent requirements than the authorities in many of the countries where we sell our products," says Irene. KLÄMMIG includes a dozen or so products to choose from so that you can find what suits you and your baby best. Maybe you prefer the sleeping bag, which is practical when travelling since it creates a familiar environment for the baby, or the soft blanket is also a great choice to have at home or when travelling. "At Children's IKEA we actually have a fairly small range compared to other departments, but we strive to ensure that everything we develop serves a special purpose - special just for children", says Irene. It's not just about having something that looks good, it should be reliable, playful and functional."