HIDRASUND Pocket sprung mattress, firm, natural, 140x200 cm

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You’re right to be fussy about what you sleep on. Natural materials like natural latex, coconut fiber, cotton and wool provide supple comfort and pull away moisture. This gives a pleasant sleeping environment with a cool and even sleep temperature. Read More

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Sleep well on latex, coconut and spirals
Adults sleep an average of seven hours per night. It involves important hours since it's when the body and the brain recover ─ we relax, blood pressure drops and the muscles relax. Everyone tries to find their own path to a good night's sleep, and for many it involves a sleeping environment with as natural materials as possible. This made us wonder if we could develop our bed range in natural materials - and raise the quality even more.
You've probably also experienced a bad night's sleep from time to time ─ tossed and turned, fully aware that you'll feel a bit tired and worn out the next day. Sleeping problems can have many different causes: perhaps it's temporary stress, a bedroom which is too warm, or a bed that simply doesn't suit you. Many people enjoy greater sleeping comfort with natural materials closest to their bodies. Materials such as cotton, linen, wool, natural latex and coconut fibres remove moisture efficiently and provide a comfortable climate with even temperatures. Natural materials have long enjoyed a given place in our bed range, but product developer Filippa Borg and her colleagues decided to develop the range to achieve even higher quality. "We wanted to challenge ourselves to make the world's best bed comfort with natural materials by combining them with the latest technology."

High comfort level with natural materials

The team dived into the realm of natural materials and looked at how to best combine materials and new technologies to develop the highest comfort level possible. "For example, coconut fibres have been used to sleep on for thousands of years, and you still see coconut fibre mattresses in the Indian countryside. But we cover the fibre threads with natural latex to provide greater elasticity and comfort", explains Filippa. The coconut fibre proved to be an excellent renewable filling in STUVLAND headboard, unlike fossil-based foam that is often used as a filling. The team also increased the comfort in HIDRASUND pocket sprung mattress with coconut fibres together with layers of wool, natural latex, cotton ─ and a completely new type of pocket spring. "A problem with pocket sprung mattresses is that they often sag in places over time. Not least the outer edges where you sit", says Filippa.

Smarter spirals

Traditionally, comfort zones in a pocket sprung mattress have been created by leaving spaces between the pocket springs. But it's those spaces that can lead to the mattress sagging over time ─ according to engineer Tobias Franzén, who found a solution. "We succeeded in solving this puzzle by combining spring spirals in two different thicknesses. Depending on how they’re positioned, we can easily create different comfort zones and achieve a higher level of quality." Both Tobias and Filippa are proud of the higher quality and the good test results of the entire range. A new bed is a big investment and, like the rest of the bed range, the new beds have a 25 year warranty. "We want you to be assured of getting your good night's sleep for a long time", says Filippa. "If you sleep around seven hours per night, you're going to spend almost seven years total in bed during that quarter century."